Brad In Japan: Thankful For You

In which Brad thanks you, has a new video, and shows lots of food!

Brad In Japan: Thankful For You
Photo by Kiy Turk / Unsplash

Hey Everyone!!

I'll go ahead and be cheesy in saying that this Thanksgiving weekend is one where I get to say thank you for following and keeping up with me these last few months! It's been a wild ride and you have kept me motivated to stay positive, try new things, and bring you all along for the ride. So thank you!!

Family Thanksgiving

Being in Japan, they don't celebrate such a holiday for obvious cultural reasons, but that didn't stop my mom and sister from celebrating for/with me!

Bite Sized (YouTube Video)

If you've eaten too much this week already, I promised a new YouTube video and got it published! It's me going on a boat trip in Japan and is under 60 seconds. A new format so let me know if you like it or prefer the others.

Also, I have a lot of content, but no time to edit; so if you know anyone wanting to build up a portfolio, have them reach out! Maybe when I finish the MBA I can work out the economics of paying someone to do it 🀣


Despite not being in America, I did get to do something big, and that's going to America's most iconic statue... In Japan.

Also, America is doing way better than anticipated in the World Cup! I don't follow soccer normally, but it's exciting when it's on such a huge stage. Prayers for the unrest ocurring, and for all the players and their safety :)

My Friendly Feast

Of course, I still had to have a feast, and did so with a few friends. It's called a Tabe-hōdai (ι£ŸγΉζ”Ύι‘Œ), which means "food, set free" or in better terms "all-you-can-eat". Even funnier is that is was at a Chinese place haha. Gotta love them holidays.

Wrapping Up

I'm still working on the recap of the classes. Primarily because I've been spending almost all of my free time absorbed in Japanese language studying. It's going really well and I can already see myself getting way better. However it's made English related things harder to focus on (I'm still doing well in class though!).

So to wrap it up, I'll say あγͺγŸγ«ζ„Ÿθ¬γ—γ¦γ„γΎγ™ (I'm thankful for you!) one last time and as always,

Thanks for Reading,

Bradley Wargo