Brad in Japan: Work Week Two

In which Brad meets friends, walks a "short bit", and shows off a river

Brad in Japan: Work Week Two
Japan Summer

Welcome to A Special Episode!

Lots happening and I want to share so I'm sending a special edition!


I had an old college friend let me know she was in town with her two sisters and friend for a layover. So we met up in Shibuya and had a blast walking around and eating yummy sushi.

They flew off the next day, but it was a great night :)

Trains & Trash "Pick Up"

We'll kick it off with a "volunteer" event I did. Around Tokyo, there are several rivers with a famous one being the Edogawa River and there is an organization that recruits volunteers to pick up trash about 2x a month.

Saint, a friend from class, and I decided to attend and planned to meet up at the station they designated. It started at 2:30~ so I hopped on and rode the train to be there by 2:15. Now, I had always heard people complain about trains passing through stations without stopping, but all the ones I went to were "major" stations where trains always stopped.

This time though, the station we were meeting at was NOT a major station and I watched us pass right by it. When I got off at the next stop, I learned there would be no train stopping there for another 2 hours. Thankfully it was only a short...1.5-hour walk...

It was a super sunny day too so by the time I made it to the river, I was ready to hop in haha.

Once there, we found ourselves on opposite sides, so we walked another 20-30 to meet up at a bridge then realize the bridge we needed to meet the group at was another 30-40 minute walk...

We went home.

But we will be out there next time on the proper train!

Wrap Up

Okay, still plenty more to share, but with all these photos and the recent events, I wanted to get them out before too much time passed. I will be back to regular weekly this weekend with plenty more Japan experiences :) But as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo