Brad In Japan: New Journeys

In which Brad accepts an Internship, begin Lent, and has a Japanese conversation!

Brad In Japan: New Journeys
Photo by Matt Howard / Unsplash

Hellooooo Everyone!

Welcome to this week's newsletter as we dive into lots of exciting news, some personal sharings, and as always, some humor. Let's get into it :)

Internship Accepted!

I haven't signed anything, but I have officially accepted an offer with a company called Maruha Nichiro who is in the fishing/food business! If you'd asked me when I started the MBA if I'd end up in food, I probably would have said no, but God knows best haha.

I won't spoil what I'm doing, but I will say that I feel like I will be able to use my pre-MBA experiences and my new knowledge well. I begin in June so look forward to hearing more then. A very exciting and big first step as I look towards my post graduate life.

Lent in Japan

Catholic or not, Lent is a great time to fast and do some great "spring cleaning" as we heads towards Easter and the new life of Summer.

As a Catholic, I am:

  • Offering up alcohol yet again (the never ending battle haha), Netflix, and Twitch (basically video game TV)
  • Adding in a daily rosary (praying for you all!) and reading with my new Japanese bible
  • Offering my time to help in small ways and looking for outreach opportunities

This isn't a "look I'm cool" list, but more a letting you in on my journey with God and maybe inspiring you to take a first step yourself :) Always a new day and opportunity to say yes.

Japanese Conversations

Speaking of yes, I finally took the leap and had an online tutor session with a Japanese lady named Moe. She was very friendly and supportive as I made many mistakes - including the time I booked for...

I "booked" 14:00 JST (2 pm Japan) and was super excited. When I woke up early the morning of, I noticed a message and saw it had a countdown to when the conversation would be. It was saying 5 am?? Turns out I booked 14:00 CST (or 2 pm Houston time). That happens to be 5 am JST...

Complete mistake, but with lots of caffeine, I made it through and learned a lot about her. It was great fun and I'm still glad I did it (but will make sure to book the proper time from now on). The joys of language learning.

Wrap Up

Many more fun things happened, but I'll cut it off here. I hope to hear back about anything you may be fasting from, going through & need prayers for, or even just want to say hi :) I love you all and as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo

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