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Brad In Japan: Movie Star

In which Brad sees a movie set, goes to a huge super market, and eats some ice cream
Brad In Japan: Movie Star
Photo by GR Stocks / Unsplash

Heyyy Everyone!

Welcome to this week's episode where I show off my stardom (faked perhaps), some ice cream, and a huge supermarket! Let's dive into this week's fun :)

Ready, Set, Action!

Fun fact: It's hard to find popcorn in Japan. Aside from that, I was minding my own business when I stumbled upon a film set that began in the morning as I went to class. And was still happening even after I came home! I don't feel bad, but do understand a long day at work for actors now.

It was fun to see since it happened right in front of my house! Also had to laugh at how many times the "reset" due to cars.

Ice Cream

Aside from last week's sweet event, I also bought a "tub" of ice cream. As one knows, in the States, this is very common. But Japan typically serves single sized servings. This week, I finally decided to splurge haha.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?? While this one is double caramel, I persoanlly love Mint Chocolate Chip :)


All my local grocery stores have been small, local shops that focus on specific things. Nothing crazy. But I found a store that was so big, it reminded me of America!

There were so many things and options that I was blown away. While still not as big as a "local" grocery store in America, I was surprised to find such a large place. They had a lot of foreign options and a ton of fresh foods. It's quite far from where I am to visit regularly but is cool to share with you all!

I even bought a random "pig in a blanket-esque" food item to show off haha. I could've just taken the picture and saved the money, but where's the fun in that?? It was tasty :)

Wrap Up

Yet another fun week in Japan. I've been studying hard as we've wrapped up our first set of classes this year and begin our next one this week. I will start speaking Japanese with some of the staff this week so I hope my studies pay off. Hopefully a video soon, but until then,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo