Brad In Japan: Just Practicing

In which Brad shares a brief Japanese update and random photos of past findings

Brad In Japan: Just Practicing
Photo by Arno Smit / Unsplash

Hey Everyone!

Not much happening activity wise this week so we’ll make this a mismatch post of random things that haven’t fit in yet. The title is because I've been doing just that with Japanese this week!

Japanese Update

Two big things here. One: This coming Friday, I will be attempting my first "only speaking Japanese" gathering with the MBA students from the Japanese side. I've had some conversations with people in only Japanese up to this point, but nothing for a couple of hours with a variety of people. Looking forward to the test.

Speaking of tests, I am also officially signed up for the JLPT N2 test. (You can think of it like the SAT or fancy vocab test). It's fairly useless as it doesn't test speaking or writing haha, but companies in Japan like you having it because it does at least prove you understand Japanese. The test is July 2nd!

Random Photos

Back to the fun stuff.

I go on a walk down a really long road most days (about 20-30 minutes one way), and have found some fun things. One is this school that shows off their energy usage.

Also on these long walks, I try out the vending machines and the fun drinks and got this one recently:

About a month ago, I left my house to get groceries and heard a building or car alarm. I can't tell because I've never actually heard what the building alarms sound like haha. Anyway, I came home to this:

I don't think there was an actual fire either...

Wild to see so many fire trucks. Glad to know I'll have a helping hand...or a hundred!

Wrap Up

English is great, but I got to get back to 日本語 (Japanese), tehehe. It's been fun sharing the random events and I have several more I look forward to sending on another slow week. If you have any questions about the test, if the fountain is okay, or how to read the can, please reply :) And as always,

Thanks for Reading!

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