Brad In Japan: JLPT

In which Brad takes the JLPT, eats Torikizoku, and gets attacked by a bird!

Brad In Japan: JLPT
Photo by JESHOOTS.COM / Unsplash

Hello & Welcome

I am writing to you after being exhausted from the test and attacked by a bird haha. More below.


I will dive right in as this was the main event! The Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 is something like the SAT for English speakers. The level tests your listening and reading abilities with some high-level comprehension questions.

A high-level example is them listing 4 different solutions and saying let's go with the cheapest. If you know enough, it's not hard to pick the answer, if you don't then it's a real struggle. I don't think I did as you can tell by me taking photos instead of cramming!

My Testing Room

After everyone walked from the train station to campus, we went to our assigned rooms and got ready. They were very serious about when we started, yet ironically didn't have a clock or allow smartwatches. The first section was reading and grammar. We then had a break and I met a guy named Pierre from France.

Lots of greenery to help people calm down

After the break was a 1-hour listening section. Finishing that we all had our tests collected and counted and then went home. I thought it was cool to see lots of parents, friends, and family waiting for the test takers as we left.

Afternoon and ready for a nap...

Overall, the JLPT is like any other standardized test. You can guess with multiple choice or be very sure by being smart enough. I don't think I'll pass this round, but am continuing my studies. It was a great opportunity to see so many people also taking the test and to reignite my desire :)


As a post-test celebration, lots of us met up to eat and drink! It was a cool spot where everything? is 350 yen so you end up ordering a lot, but afterward split the bill. I also had a classmate give me chocolates for an early birthday gift and got to eat those!

攻撃のカラス - The Attacking Crow

This last section is from something that happened yesterday on my way home from work. I was just walking home when I felt a massive thud hit my head and then giant kaw sounds.

The culprit

Nature just doing its thing, but I was very shocked as I'd never seen or had this happen before. My local grocery store friend said it's likely because of the nest being nearby as it's hatchling season. Regardless, my head hurts but I'm sure I'll be okay soon haha. Who said Tokyo isn't a jungle?

Wrap Up

It was a fun week and I hope you enjoyed reading about the journey! I appreciate you taking the journey with me and as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo

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