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Brad In Japan: Happy Monday!

In which Brad shares political practices, a fun photo, and some young adults photos
Brad In Japan: Happy Monday!
Us rolling out of bed looking for coffee... Photo by Janosch Diggelmann / Unsplash

Helloooo Everyone

And welcome to this week's letter :) Coming through on Monday because I meant to do it yesterday afternoon and ended up celebrating someone's birthday instead. It was lots of fun as we ate ice cream in the park! What a time.

Youth Group

Right before the ice cream was the Young Adults meeting at the church. It's been steadily sitting around 25-30 people each month which is awesome to see as many people come and go.

Political Practices

From Jesus to Voting. Sounds like a fun Thanksgiving...in Japan non-the-less!! Jokes aside, I wanted to share some political practices I've seen this time of year as they're very different from America.

I don't know much about their system, who the people are and their stances, nor can I vote. That doesn't stop them from trying to get me too! The cars drive around and 2-4 people are in there shouting "please vote for XX". I've discovered that if you wave at them, they get super excited and thank you like 6 times.

I wave a lot 😆

I believe voting happened yesterday so best of luck to all the candidates. Of which there seems to be a shortage which you can read more if curious!

Happy Days

On a lighter note, here's a fun picture of school kids (faces covered).

They wear colorful hats to identify their grade and that they're kids. Not much other than this being really uncommon back home and I wanted to share!

Wrap Up

Despite the delay, I wanted to share the fun developments and interesting things I've been finding. I hope you are doing well and would love to hear your thoughts if anything struck you in the letter. As always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo