Brad In Japan: Happy Easter!

In which Brad celebrates Easter, meets an American friend, and shares lots of photos!

Brad In Japan: Happy Easter!
Photo by Bruno van der Kraan / Unsplash

Whoooooooopppp!! It's EASTER!!!

And I hope a very happy one for you no matter your state of life :) It's been a wild week over here with Holy Week activities, a friend visiting, and new classes starting, so let's dive in!

Easter Photos

First of the people who were baptized and confirmed along with an afterparty at Wendy's with one of them :) This was held on what's called "the vigil" and is typically done Saturday night after sundown. They hold both mass and sacraments of initiation (baptism/confirmation).

Then we had another party Sunday for lunch. It was an Easter celebrating, baptism rejoicing, & farewell-ing to one priest who's leaving, party! So much fun

What a gift to finally be celebrating and I hope you get a chance yourself this week. It's been a joy praying for you all and now we get to continue in a festive way :)

Pokemon Center

I had my first friend from America visit! Her name is Ashley and we actually went to highschool together. There were no musicals involved but afterwards drifted apart until college and now Japan. Gotta love life and the times we meet.

Really great to see her and go to the Pokemon center for the first time. We got to eat fun treats and watch Piakachu dance and say hi. They even played the "if you're happy and you know it" song. Fun to feel like a kid again.

Wrap Up

I said a wild week and much of it came from the Holy Week late nights and masses. Lots of fun with them all and as you can hopefully feel, very excited for the good times it's been. Time to enjoy the Easter season, hunker down for these final 5 classes, and continue learning Japanese! As always,

Thanks for Reading!

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