Brad In Japan: Getting a Haircut

In which Brad gets a haircut, drinks the best drink in Japan, and finds a new alley to explore

Brad In Japan: Getting a Haircut
The barber is gonna cut a finger with this kinda lighting... Photo by Kamile Leonaviciute / Unsplash

Hey Everyooonnnneeee :)

I hope you are doing well and am here to listen if not! For real, late night sad-boy hours are my mornings haha. You've got a friend (in me), awake when you need them :)

New Video

I am especially awake since the BEST drink in Japan has been released again. Here is a new YouTube video of my early morning taste test. Another short, but I hope to be back soon with some longer videos soon. I will also be going to some cool places so stay tuned.

I Survived!

Speaking of late nights though, the Day 4 reports were rough. Accounting, Finance, HR, Operations Strategy, and Facilitation all in one week. I survived though and learned a lot! To celebrate I bought some convenience store sushi.

They aren't lying when they say it's as good as top tier stuff in the States.


While I mostly stayed in this week (for school and Japanese), I did manage to leave the house and get a haircut.

Tei, the barber, posed! Haha, he didn't know he was cutting a model's hair ;)

The place is called QB House and offers a $9 haircut (so cheap). You walk in and buy a ticket, they scan it, enter some info, and get to cutting. Towards the end, they have a vacuum to suck up all the loose hairs. I tried to be sneaky, but as you can see, I failed miserably haha.

Oh well, I have nice hair now.

Walking Around

I also got out to walk and ended up finding a fun "alley" that had some cool shops.

Some fun things to notice. I tried some of the food from the shop in the top left. most of it was great, one of them had me almost throwing up 😵‍💫 The book shop on the other hand gave me a throwback when I saw the kid with the green piggy bank. A piggy bank!

Wrapping Up

While it was a pretty tense week for school, I felt that I got to do some cool things all in all. Even better... We're only 2 weeks from Christmas!!!! I hope you're as excited as I am. I look forward to next week's update and as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo

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