Brad In Japan: Food & Friends

In which Brad eats lots and shows off his new friends in Japan

Brad In Japan: Food & Friends
Photo by Chang Duong / Unsplash

Hey Everyone and Happy Halloween!

There are lots of things happening this spooky weekend, so we'll have some good photos for you, but before we get ahead of ourselves, I have fun moments with friends to share!


We'll kick it off with Keiko (Kay-ko) who I met in America when I was getting my visa. She and I were in line at the consulate and began talking. She is a Japanese-born woman who moved to Houston to work in oil and gas but is starting a renewable energy company in north Japan. We kept in touch and got lunch!

She hopes to launch soon and move into stage two for her dreams ending in stage three where she helps disabled residents find good work and livable housing. Really cool stuff!

Aziz & Yulia

These two are a wild bunch. Okay, I lied. Aziz is wild, and Yulia keeps him in check haha. They're both from Ukraine and have lost much in the war, but haven't lost their smile and tenacity. While they've never been to the US, they have been to Mexico so we enjoyed some Mexican food.

Not pictured is the chef who lived in El Paso, TX for a year to learn how to cook the food authentically. We will likely be going back haha. As a final note, Aziz owns a translation company and knows 7 languages! More cool people I get to hang out with!

The Burger Eating Fashionistas

I've never tried Shake Shack (even though it's an American company haha) until now with these hooligans. Going in a circle: far left with blonde hair and winking is Prang, in the brown jacket laughing at my dad-jokes is Aless, grinning like a goofball is Kyn, in glasses in the back is Rainier, Alone and then with friends is Amber (or Aumber if she's hangry), and hoping for world peace is Zen the photographer. An honorable mention is my double-stacked burger.

We played a game where person 1 named a random item, and then person 2 named person 1's item and added their own. It went until we messed up the chain. We failed pretty quickly but then tried again with Fashion brands. It went on for 40+ minutes and would likely have gone on another 30 if we weren't freezing. Turns out they really know their brands! I died in round 1... haha, I have lots to learn 😅

Starbucks Lovers

Having worked at Starbucks, I was stoked to see the largest one in Japan. It's located next to a river that is a popular Cherry Blossom spot. I was invited to hang out with Saint (our class leader) and Natalie (another Catholic!) to check out the cute workers...

We ended up having a great time chatting and drinking seasonal alcohol (since this one serves it!). Saint comes from real estate and is a super hard worker that loves anything K-Pop. While Natalie comes from construction and also works hard to fulfill her potential both as a businesswoman and future K-Pop wife haha.

Wrap Up

These are some of the great people I've gotten to meet so far with plenty more unmentioned or to be met. They are funny, witty, and diligent, and all have big dreams they want to attain. It's a blast having them in my life and I'm glad I can share them with you :)

Let me know what you think and if you want to know more about any of them! (I'll even let you know if they're single haha) But as always,

Thanks for Reading!

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