Brad In Japan: Settling in at 1,000 Miles an Hour

In which Brad shares a video about his neighborhood, shows off his classmates, and some food

Brad In Japan: Settling in at 1,000 Miles an Hour
Photo by Rikku Sama / Unsplash

Good to See You! And welcome to this week's update.

I have tried ramen and man, it's SO GOOD!
I had anticipated a bit of a struggle getting acclimated but not this much!

It has been a wild three weeks mostly due to school and emotional turmoil. Adapting to the Japanese lifestyle and surrounding area has been pretty easy though, so that’s a plus! I posted another video a few weeks ago about my neighborhood. You can check that out below :)

School's 0 -> 100 in 2.0

To dive into a little more about what’s going on I’ll start with school. What started as a two-day orientation quickly turned into a three-week paper writing, book reading bonanza.

The typical week is about 120 pages of reading and 12 pages of essays, but I've read 390~ pages and produced 45~ pages of essays in 15 days. I felt like I got on a bullet train without brakes hitting max speed! Haha, wild times! But humans rock and I'm adjusting - hence me being able to say hi to you :D

As a fun side note, I did get to go see the new Brad Pitt movie Bullet Train and have been compared to Chris Pratt by several Japanese people. 🤣


This one was a bit more anticipated, but even knowing you'll feel sad, alone, and like crap, doesn't make any of those feel less intense. I feel that I've grown a lot through these challenges though and am already finding myself to be more patient in life (though I'm not a fan of it!!!).

This part really impacted my personal project life though as I was exhausted from school and never felt at peace to be able to write a hello. I even stopped journalling for a bit :( As with school, I too am adjusting and have been back on the journaling and am finding a new peace in Japan.

I even found a British Pub next to the Tokyo Opera House where the wind blows and the beer flows!
Optimal Studying

What's Next

I look forward to producing more content now that I'm not flat on my back. School will still be a lot and I may not be able to do as much in Tokyo as originally planned, but such is life (see the patience growth??). Gotta give it my best though so here's to trying!

I'm thankful for you tuning in and look forward to continuing this journey with you :)

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo