Brad In Japan: Daily Life

In which Brad shows off his location, morning routine, and local park.

Brad In Japan: Daily Life
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to this week's newsletter where I dive into the fun bits of a mellow and daily life near Shinjuku. Below is a map to help orient yourself within Japan and where I am within it all.

Where I Live

Here's Japan, highlighting Tokyo. 
The red dot is the Tokyo Metropolitan Building, about 20 minutes from my house! Tokyo is big!
The green area to the left is the park I go to, and the giant red section is one of the busiest train stations in the world

I live near the Tokyo Opera City on the bottom left in a place called "Hatsudai"  (pronounced hat-su-die). I guess someone died after being sued over a hat ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  Haha, bad jokes aside, I walk around this area each morning at a bright and early 5:45 am!

This is in large part due to the fact that the sun is streaming through my window at 5:30 am. As a result, I'm usually in bed by 9:30/10 pm.

Shinjuku Park

Also, as a result, I am able to attend morning stretches. What are those you ask? Well, the park mentioned above (Shinjuku Chuo Park) does morning stretches for anyone and everyone.

The average age is probably 60 for the attendees. Without me, more like 75.

Here's the open area with me joining them. It's like 6 am... and so bright!
They also have very colorful and pretty flower beds
And colorful bathrooms with "wide-eyed" trash cans haha. It looks like a frog. The one on the left looks like Wall-e

I also spend a lot of time here studying my Japanese. I'm hoping to get way more skilled quickly so I can either get a part time job or work here eventually. I like to study here and enjoy the small escape it provides.

At night, the place also looks fun as their "Niagra Falls" turns into a colorful waterfall.

There are turtles in there too!

Hopefully this is a fun glimpse into my morning lifestyle and park designs. Next week I'll highlight a few of the events that have been happening around that I've been going to!

Do you wish you could partake in morning stretches? What time is a "normal" time to wake up? Let me know haha! And as always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo