Brad In Japan: A Week At Work

In which Brad began new classes, studied lots of Japanese, and played some video games

Brad In Japan: A Week At Work
I wish my backpack was this clean... Photo by Matt Ragland / Unsplash

Hello Everyone!

And welcome to this week's blog post! A fairly chill week as I got into the swing of things with Module 2 and studied a lot (including the new pokemon game in Japanese). Also below, I spilled a drink on my laptop, made a fool of myself in Japanese, and Christmas talk! Let's dive in

Bad News First

Not really that bad, but with the colder weather kicking in I ended up with a one-day sickness Wednesday 😕 Feeling much better now but it was a tough night haha.

Me getting sick made me think of this dude. A lot of things in Japan have a "mascot" and this was the mountain mascot (from last week) greeting you in their main building haha.

My computer wasn't spared either as I spilled the vitamin C drink I had all over it. I was able to get most of it cleaned up but had to take apart my keyboard to deep clean some keys after they got super sticky. This video was super helpful so I'm giving it a shout-out!

Fun News Next

Aside from the sickness, I did leave my house and enjoyed the beautiful weather! On top of that, the new Pokemon Scarlet game came out and it's quite fun! Between that, Call of Duty, and Overwatch, I can’t be bored haha.

Christmas News

Light-up deer being put out for Shinjuku Park's light-up ceremony!

It's crazy to type but Advent begins next weekend 😱 In preparation for Christmas, I’ll be offering up alcohol. Choosing this because Japan (and I) have a drinking problem 😅 They drink a lot, either nightly or on the weekends (and it's rubbing off).

To some, it’s a “wasted” paradise, but I see a lot of pain and an inability to express themselves. Even worse, they wake up the next day and act as if nothing happened.

Thankfully as Christmas approaches, we can prepare and remember the good news coming! Prayers for them (and myself) as we venture into this period of anticipation and offer it up!

Japanese News + Speaking Stories

Soapbox aside, I've been hard at work studying Japanese. It’s a bummer that there’s nothing glamorous to post when so much time goes towards it, but it’s necessary for me to succeed here! I appreciate the prayers and support from afar in my pursuit of the language.

Yesterday, I talked with a couple and their friends almost all in Japanese as their "English speaker" was as useful as calling me a "Japanese speaker" haha. No harm though and we were able to enjoy a conversation for over 10 minutes! Seems short, but I was pretty proud and happy.

Counteracting that, I went to the library and wanted to say "good afternoon" to the receptionist. But chickened out and said nothing as I did my thing. As I left she said "thanks for coming" and being so ready to say hi from earlier I blurted out "hello!" I couldn't even look at her as I left realizing I was an idiot. It was so funny though I laughed.

Gotta keep at it haha :)

Next Week News

Wrapping up, Saturday seems to be a good exploration day so I might be posting Sundays more consistently. As yesterday was Saturday, I did a lot and am working to edit the videos! Going to try a new video style so look forward to it :) But until then,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo

P.S., Happy birthday shoutouts to Lex and Joshua! You guys rock and I'm glad you read these to know I love ya 🤣 To all others, reply with your birthday if you want a shoutout!

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