Brad In Japan: A Quick Update!

In which Brad wraps up his Internship, goes to several festivals, and shares some fun news!

Brad In Japan: A Quick Update!
Me living life as fast as I can, but trying to stay grounded... Photo by Quino Al / Unsplash

Hey Everyone!

And welcome to a quick hello :)

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Internship Complete

I have finished my Internship with Maruha Nichiro as of last Thursday, August 3rd!

It was a whirlwind adventure at the end as my project came to a close. Looking back though, I realize that I grew a lot in my personal skills of working in a corporate Japanese environment and putting to use my newly acquired MBA skills.

While I had mentioned reaching out to ask for help, the project shifted so quickly that it was hard to narrow down what to ask for. I know many of you were on stand-by though so I appreciate it!

Speaking of Stand-By

Part of why there is radio silence is I am planning for my family's arrival! They will be flying into Japan soon and that has taken a lot of effort to coordinate while still trying to wrap up school and see Japan (so many festivals have been happening)!

That said, I have developed a publishing system that I hope lets me share the excitement with you all! I will have that out and published in the next update.

Wrap Up

Okay, a little longer than "quick", but I usually go into more depth, but life is moving to "quick" and I want you along for the ride! Prayers for these next few weeks and I will see you soon! As always,

Thanks for Reading!

Bradley Wargo

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