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Brad In Japan: A New Conquerer

Brad In Japan: A New Conquerer
Photo by Jeremy Santana / Unsplash

Hello Everyone!

I spent way too long working on this so I'll put it first; I have a new video out!

I was lowkey terrified I misspelled "Conquer" and probably did somewhere along the way haha. But this video takes you along the grounds of Osaka in a fun way of being a "knight" trying to get past all the defenses.

It's pretty light and will hopefully have you laughing throughout!

Other Updates

The Lows

I put this video out like life's been chill, but it was a rough week. I went from the high of Christmas, to all the travels, to New Years, and then to nothing.

While I thought I'd get things going and make lots of early headway, I instead fought a lot of internal battles. Doing well and have made it through, but I hope you know you're loved if you ever hit those lows (in the same way I know you love me!) and I figure me being vulnerable is a great way to lead by example! Ask for help and call friends. :)

The Highs

On a brighter note, I was able to go to Confession, catch up on my Japanese studying and then had tons of strawberries to eat!!

I also got to see a Baptism at church and after, the older sister (who's 4) said I looked cool hahaha.

So cool I took a creeper photo 🤣

But then made a fool of myself shortly after when I tried to go to the bathroom... Everytime I've gone before, the door was open. And all the doors I've encountered thus far have mostly been sliding ones.

Especially with handles like these!

However, I couldn't slide it open and so I stood around for like 5 minutes until an old man pushed it open... Turns out I may be getting an MBA but I can be dummer than a door too!

Hahahaha. RIP

Wrap Up

Hopefully you've enjoyed this short letter again and that the video brings you joy! My last one (The Shinkansen) has over 500 views!! My next closest has 37 💀 I've found my one hit wonder, unless you guys help share! No pressure, but it's definitely exciting for me and is cool to know you helped :)

Regardless, I appreciate you no matter what, and as always,

Thanks for Reading

Bradley Wargo