Day 14 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Name a favorite teacher(s) and what made them so top-notch."

Initial Thoughts

Top-Notch Teachers is long for TNT cause the teachers are da bomb. Haha, dad jokes aside, I have two teachers come to mind for different reasons each. I had a lot of great teachers, but these two left a big impact because of meeting me where I was.

Mrs. L

4th Grade

I won't reveal names so people don't look them up, but my first one was wayyyy back in the day when I was lil' brad. I had lost my father at age 9 and was going into 4th grade. As one might expect, I was quite distraught and had lots of feelings I had no idea what to do with.

Because of these emotions, anger and other aggressive feelings took over as I got mad at the world. Frequently got into trouble, made teachers upset, and hurt others. It was a rough year.

5th Grade

Starting 5th grade, I'd had the summer to cool off, but I was still livid and people remembered me as the "crazy kid" so they'd target me. Thankfully though, this year I had Mrs L. She was a special needs teacher who worked with those suffering physical and mental challenges requiring special attention.

As they were fully staffed, they didn't need her and assigned her to a normal classroom which included me. Well, as normal as it gets until a kid blows up and yells, breaks things, tears assignments, and becomes Godzilla temporarily. Run of the mill stuff for her though.

Why She Rocks

And this is where the magic happened. She'd pull me aside and say "Bradley, who's mad right now?" and all upset and pouty "Me." I'd reply. "And who's out here getting talked to right now?" she'd ask with another "Me." reply. "Did you get what you wanted?" She asked.

And I was taken aback, "Did I get what I wanted?", huh. I'd never thought to ask what I wanted.

It was a simple question, that although didn't turn it around immediately, with me having many more outbursts, it did change my course. Through out that year, she challenged me and taught me what it meant to be a human and control my desires. Amazing stuff if you ask me, after all, I still remember her lessons.

Mrs. W

After a sob story like that, I'll give you a much happier one. Mrs. W was a math teacher in high school and she rocked! The woman was crazy, wild, and wacky but could teach you anything you needed to know about geometry. Even better, she made the boring stuff fun.

What boring stuff? Proofs. If you remember anything about Cosine or Sine, then you probably remember (faintly) the long drawn out explanations explaining why things are the way they are. Do any of us use that today? Probably not, but we had to learn it.

Thankfully, Mrs. W realized it and gave out awards and other cool things to those who made the top grade (no matter how many got it). And being a math fan, I got the top grade often. It was a blast. Plus, she was a really down to earth person and realized most of us didn't care, but shared her enthusiasm with us.

She was a great teacher because we left feeling excited for our future, didn't dread class, and I still have the awards ;) (Above)

Wrap Up

All of us can be great teachers, especially if we think about our favorites and what we love about them. Who knows, maybe right now we're a teacher for someone that they'll carry lessons forward from us. Who are your favorite teachers? What makes them the best?

As always,

Thanks for Reading!