Day 1 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Tik-Tok, Tik-Tok. Describe the different types of clocks."


The first clock that comes to mind is one of those really annoying and slightly creep metallic ones. It has two silver knobs at the top, each with their own "ringer" in the unfortunate even that you use it as an alarm. The face is crisp, clear and shows in bold typeface the numbers for the hours and small ticks to separate them further into minutes. At the bottom are to short and stubby legs that stand firm until the bells are set off, in which case the legs then become that of a five-year-olds. Unable to sit still.


The next clock to come to mind is a plain faced rounded edges "modern" clock. It is sleek and black around the sides with exception to the small buttons on top for settings to be adjusted. Having an air of intelligence, the clock shows the time in the middle but so much more on the sides. Weather in the top left in either Fahrenheit or Celsius, two alarms with their own on or off light in the middle, and a radio station number in the top left. The soothing sounds pouring out from the first in class speakers in the back, unless of course it's 6 am, in which case a variety of alarms can be heard.

I also think of simple clocks such as the ones on the car radio in a simple green typeface, or the more rounded looks of the new LED screens for fancier cars.


Watches of all sorts spring to life as the fitness revolution calls to mind FitBits or Apple Watches and their green beams trying to read your body functions. I can see the rounded edges of Apple's design with a small grooved knob on the right side to scroll through various settings. The screen lighting up with numbers galore as everything from heartbeat rates to steps taken are tracked and shown.

Not far from it is FitBit albeit with a more square look. Either a simple face on their "simple" model that tells one bit of information and can scroll to others, or their larger and more integrated options. These rival the Apple Watch and provide much the same information with more customizations and community involvement.

If you're more classic, then you might don a golden Rolex covered in diamonds around the edges to show stature. Each movement a reminder of your success as the light glints through each diamond never the same way twice. I can see an alternative for a date night as a blue sapphire option is selected with it's rich colors complementing the well worn skin beneath it (unless of course you're an heir, in which case your skin may be rather taut).

What Clocks Say About Us

Tik-Tok indeed as each clock can be seen in a variety of ways. This divulges from the prompt, but I have 10 minutes left and in writing this have really seen how even clocks, a time piece, can convey much about us. The clocks in our house show to be rather large in a big area or small by our bedside.

Are we a person to push the unknown with the cool clocks that have magnetic pendulums that track the sun and display the time below. Perhaps we're math enthusiasts that have clocks producing math problems and the current time being the answer - too slow and you'll have a new problem.

Maybe we're simple and like the little knobby one with only one function, or we're proud and show it through the wealth involved in creating our time piece. Regardless, clocks show us one universal truth: time keeps moving. We like to watch it do so in ways that comfort us.

What clocks do you have? What do they say about you?

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Ramiz Dedaković on Unsplash