Day 2 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Of your most memorable moments in school, which is the worst?"

Initial Thoughts

The time I asked a girl out in middle school, was sitting in class and everyone was like "it smells like crap" only to find out it was me with dog crap on my shoe, or hmmm.

Valentine's Day Love

I think a fun one to tell all of you is my Valentine's day one. It was 7th grade I think (might've been 8th), and Valentine's day in all it's glory rolls around. Our school had a fun tradition of doing "Santa-grams" but with Roses where you could put a $1 towards charity and have your roses delivered. I really liked a girl at the time and being a romantic thought the best way to ask her out was in a convoluted way.

The Plan

  • Buy Roses ($7 worth)
  • Have them delivered two different times
  • Feign ignorance
  • Use the remaining 5 to confess my love

Fool proof if you ask me.

After combing my hair just the right way, that morning, I carried my clarinet and headed to the bus. Now seems a good time to fill you in a bit, see, we were both clarinet players in our school's top band #TooCool. And having been two of the best, she and I were always competing resulting in us being 1st or 2nd chair meaning we were always by each other.

It was like we were already dating.

Phase one

But we weren't and it was high time I made it official with said plan. So I arrive to the school, make my way to the cafeteria and order flower one. I wait eagerly for 4th? period to see her and her new rose. Time slowly crawls, but before I know it I'm making my way to the band hall.

She's there with all her friends gossiping and holding my first gift to her. A rose from "Anonymous" (genius right??). Keeping my face as calm as possible I sit down and pull the clarinet parts out when she joins and asks "omg, do you know who gave me this?" I rehearsed for hours, my big moment, "oh, haha, um, nooooo"

'Nailed it,' I think as she frustratedly looks away.

One part down, two to go. Time flew as I barely made it through class unable to not look at her. I was too excited for the afternoon, and realized before I knew it that it was lunch. I disappointedly watched her leave, but got ready for the next part.

Phase Two

I bought a second rose to have delivered and 5 more to hold onto. I stealthily stuck them into my locker so no one would ask questions. The rest of the afternoon was another slow crawl as I didn't have any other classes with her, so I didn't know if she got and enjoyed the second rose, but you sure bet I imagined she was thrilled.

As the final class was wrapping up, I knew it was time to get ready to swoop in and make it official. I wasn't able to leave early to set things up because it was one of those teachers and she was very strict with the rules and such. Because of this, I had a full on sprint ahead of me to get to my locker, beat the crowds, protect the roses, and catch her before I missed my bus 15 minutes later.

There was a lot to do.

10 seconds, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. RUN! I bolted out of the class, made it to my locker and entered the code faster than a robber on a run. Grabbing the flowers, I slammed the door shut and ran holding them like a baby. I was a mother about to miss a flight. 'scuse me was said at least a hundred times as I flew down the stairs and took a back path to get to the band hall.

The Reveal

I snuck around so friends wouldn't see me coming a ruin the surprise. I grabbed all my stuff too because I knew I would need to high-tail it to the bus after. Everything in hand, I walked up to her and her group a good ten feet away. Took a deep breath and,

"Hey ****, do you have a sec?"

She turned, all of her friends looked at me too, the roses in hand. I'm sure they started to suspect something, and I was nervous with them all looking, but I'd resolved myself, today was the day.

"Yeah?" she asked cutely.

"Um, I know you've been wondering who might've sent you the roses and you asked me earlier and I didn't want to lie, but I also kinda chickened out and I just couldn't really bring myself to tell you. Um, yeah, so what I'm tryin to say is that I was the one who sent you the roses and I got you these other ones cause I like you and, yeah, do you like me too?"

Catching my breath after that long winded nonsense, I looked at her waiting for a response, hands out holding the roses.

She looked up and...

Laughed. She laughed.

And then they all did.

The whole group, and a sound that once brought me so much joy and happiness to hear was now a siren that brought sorrow and sadness. My heart was crushed as she laughed. I just said "okay", and made my way to the bus. Everything moved in slow-mo as I walked past other kids running and found my bus and seat.

My only comfort on the ride home was not the knowledge of a friend becoming a girlfriend, but Big Time Rush's "Till I forget about you" and All Star Weekend's "Hey Princess".

It was a perfect day that will forever be one of the worst.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash