Ah Spoopy Season

My love, my life, my dear friend, yet another year older and aged for more horror to be distilled for future generations. Till we meet again next October...

What a Crazy Season

So much has happened, been written and now, here we are able to look back and smile at the greatness that was October. I hope for you it too was awesome. If not, then feel free to cheer up with a good read on the blog :)

I got 28/31 days done for the challenge and am very happy with that result as I was able to write about a variety of things. Most importantly, I was able to reflect on a lot of what's made me, me.

I've enjoyed getting to share who I've become with you and I am now working to update my About page to make it easy for you to find what you want to know about me :P

So What's Next?

One of the best things that came out of this challenge was me writing consistently and publishing lots. It made me show up daily even when I was exhausted and didn't want to.

I would like to continue this, but I know that I need to breathe and focus on my bigger goals: Japanese and this new job.

However, I am seeking to start another challenge come January to publish my first book series at the end of February. More details to come, but know that I have lots more that I want to write and I'm excited to!

Thanks for participating by reading and I look forward to writing more :) As always,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by Holger Schué from Pixabay