Welcome to the Spoopy Season Collection

Below are all of the articles I wrote for the 2020 Spoopy Season Challenge. I tried to make it useful and easy for you to find what you want by putting them all here.

Personal Favs

My Best Moment

Leaving a Mark

Favorite Book

Sorted by Day

  1. Tik-Tok
  2. The Best "Worst"
  3. Favorite Movie
  4. The Necklace
  5. Noises
  6. Favorite Time of the Year
  7. Can You Guess the Adjective
  8. Killing Pumpkins
  9. A Picture Perfect Morning
  10. A Moment to Redo
  11. Brainstorm
  12. Frenemy Qualities
  13. Favorite Transportation
  14. Top Notch Teachers
  15. Favorite Color
  16. Best Memory from School
  17. Favorite Halloween Traditions
  18. Best & Worst Pet
  19. Favorite Book
  20. My Best Moment
  21. Favorite Food
  22. Favorite Tree
  23. A Household Item
  24. A Perfect Life
  25. Where Would You Go
  26. Favorite Villain
  27. Favorite Character
  28. Leaving a Mark

Spoopy Season Wrap-Up