So excited that it's October!!

Spoopy, or spooky, season is one of the best seasons because it's finally getting cold (I love the cold), the breeze is amazing, and we get to dress up and have fun. Sure there's some scary things and not so holy things about the season too, but overall, I'm a big fan.

As a fan, I want to do something a bit different and that is a writing challenge ~~oooo, scarryyy.

Challenge Season

Normally artists or other creative people will do challenges to grow in their craft and have it themed around the holiday. As my main form of art is writing, I want to improve it and have thus enlisted the help of my mom.

After getting super excited and pulling out colored pens for various challenge types, my mom got to work and helped me come up with 36 different prompts (all hidden). Over the next month, I will post daily with my challenge results and will have a designated tab for it up top :)

I have no idea what the prompts are (though I did make some of them myself) and will thus have a random assortment of them throughout the coming days. As this is starting today, October 3rd, I plan to come back at some point and do a double challenge day where I write for the 1st and 2nd as well.

Guidelines I will follow

  • One prompt a day (with the above exceptions)
  • 30 minute writing window
  • Publish (even if it's crap/mid sentence) so we can all laugh

I hope you enjoy the journey and leave any feedback on different ideas or parts that you like. Who might even be featured ;)

Happy Spoopy Season!




Photo by David Menidrey on Unsplash