Random Thoughts

A bunch of...random thoughts

Random Thoughts

Below is a collection of random thoughts I've had over the years that I felt were worth sharing. Not everything has to be a full length blog post to have value. I would like to turn some of these into blog posts, but I want feedback to hear what resonates with you. Which thought challenges you? Which one feels unclear? Any feel wrong? Those are the ones I want to blog post.

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Thought 1

God is the brain, we are the cells. Cells can communicate and change those around them, but to change cells in another part of the body is hard as they need a lot of cells around them to help. The brain knows where all the cells are and the best ways to use them, even if the cells themselves are inefficient. This scales as well as we see the universe be several cells within their “organs” or galaxies and God at the center watching it all unfold.

Thought 1.5

Nothing we say is new, we just say it differently.

Thought 2

A friend is that who says yes to your invites more than no, and you spend a 50/50 split conversing (not necessarily 50/50 in one conversation, but collectively). To be a friend, you must be confident in yourself and see something within them that you can bring out.

Thought 3

I don’t like the word Convert.

It’s a mission with failure as an option as it’s sometimes impossible for US specifically to convert someone, or at the very least to see their final moments of conversion. To me, conversion is the process, not something you do to someone but something they go through. That means we are called to invite them into that process so they can meet and interact with God, not to do something to them.

Thought 4

When does one move?

It’s a complicated question since God calls us to invite others into his love no matter where we are, but sometimes we’re called elsewhere. When is your mission to move and when is it to stay?

Thought 5

We often don’t decide to get rid of things, which, funny enough then, is our decision to hold onto things. It’s implicitly there and causes us to slow down. We need to be nimble in life, stable like a boat, but aware of the sea around us and the ever changing currents.

Carrying excess weight results in capsizing (or sinning), but as you can turn the boat right side up, so too can God reconcile you with Himself.

Thought 6

Artists often live sad lives, but I’ve found those who follow God less so. Artists as a whole turn to Earthly things to express unearthly concepts. It’s a rather sad profession, how does one avoid such despair?

Thought 7 (Just to end happily)

Haha, can't end on such a sad note about depressed artists, so here's a funny dad joke to make you smile!

The three unwritten rules of life:




...Tehehe, get it? Unwritten?

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