Day 5 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Close your eye and listen closely - what is it that you hear mostly?"

Initial Thoughts

Haha my first thought is the ring of that rhyme scheme and how fun it is. "Closely, mostly". Good stuff. Second thought, I should take the first minute to listen...

What I hear

I'm sitting on my carpeted floor, comfortable and enjoying the breeze from my fan above my head. From here, I can hear a surprising amount of things.


In front of me is a desktop computer that is on, the fan whirring inside. Though, it's a soft whir unlike the one it used to make when it had a broken fan that would clunk, clunk, clunk on start-up. The new one sounds calm, moving the hot air out fast but like a baton twirler who makes it look effortless.

Above it are my speakers attached to the computer. From them comes my favorite song that is played every time I write: Forbidden Friendship. It comes from one of my favorite movies and has been a staple in my listening repertoire. The gentle chimes, dums, and tings carrying me through a dance that crescendos and fills my writing with life and energy.

Its sounds carrying with it discovery and exploration while it finds itself rejoicing in the new found fun and ends with a bang that says our comfort zone has expanded. But then on repeat, it plays over as I continue the journey of discovery and expansion yet again.


As I wrote that last paragraph, my dog's higher pitched bark could be heard through my door as she responded to outside noises. Perhaps the house's greatest enemy made a move and she had to put it in its place again. Seemingly well pleased with her work, she came bounding upstairs looking to be praised and petted. Her tags jingling signifying her presence. Too bad my door is shut.


I hear the air conditioner running above my head. The whooshing sound careening through the vents as it brings the cool breeze so needed in Texas. The sound is different from the computer fan though in that it's richer and fuller as it moves more air with seemingly less effort. Almost like making an "O" shape with your mouth and pushing air out compared to a tiny "o" closer to a whistle.


The last big noise I can hear is my fan above my head. It has a funny rattle as the stem from the ceiling to the fan shakes. It comes in and out of hearing at times since the fan will move at the same pace as the stem from time to time preventing the rattling. But when it rattles, you can hear the cords used to change fan speeds and lights hit each other with a fake metallic ting.


When the air conditioner shuts off, the desktop fan becomes much louder in the room. I can hear my mom's voice squeeze through the bottom of my door frame and the conversation she's having with her coworkers. Adjusting my seating position opens me up to a whole new set of sounds as my legs scrape the floor with a rough sandpaper sound. My beige shorts making a zipper esque noise as my leg goes from criss cross to straight. No they didn't rip...


Even my laptop makes noises as the keys click and clack from the different pressures being placed around as I type with excitement or hesitation. It's quiet exciting getting to focus on the way each one sounds as I never really do. They aren't as loud as a clack or click from a typewriter, but their subtle sounds give a gratifying notice that my press registered and spurs me onward.

I leaned back to stretch hearing my bones and back popping while my bed creaked at the sudden weight. "I'm not that heavy" I hear myself say. To which my necklace (no, not the one from yesterday) responds with a jingle to confirm my suspicions as I lean forward.

It's a noisy world

I'm surprised at how many sounds are around me. Though I'm often aware of them, it's interesting to sit back and hear them. Maybe you can try it! Tell me what you hear and what kinds of sounds calm you down or make you work faster.

Thanks for Reading :)




Image by congerdesign from Pixabay