Hey There! 😁

We're already on week thirteen if you want to jump into that update, but for those who are new; Welcome! This is my series journaling my Japanese language learning journey. Join me as I race towards the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT N2) test this December 6th. (What's the JLPT? Here's a 30 second run down).

What you’re reading is the home page that links to the subpages containing each week’s progress. You’ll also find the resources I’m using and why this approach will work. I recognize this is crazy, but the fun thing about challenges is to see if they’re possible 😎

Even if I fail I’ll be 6-months closer with a fun blog to boot and hopefully some new friends. (Will you be one of them?)

UPDATE: Unfortunately the test has been canceled due to COVID 😕 Because of this, the new goal is to finish JALUP by the end of November.


  • Weekly Reports
  • Why I'm learning Japanese
  • The Japanese Cheat Sheet
  • Resources I'm Using

Weekly Reports 🗓

Here are the weekly updates! Updated…you guessed it, weekly! I've condensed the reports to their month and only have this month's "weekly" report listed.

  1. Month One!!
  2. Month Two!!
  3. Month Three!!
  4. Week Thirteen

Why I'm Learning Japanese

It's a bit strange for a guy from Texas to want to learn the hardest language an English speaker can. The quick answer though is that I've come to enjoy the Japanese mindset of hard work and team effort. It's been cool getting to see how the language itself is a tool for such thought and I want to dive deeper into that. Plus, it's fun getting to make sense of all the scribbles (and of course anime is a bonus #nerd). If you want a deeper answer and all the dirty details: read here.

A Brief Japanese Verbiage Overview ⛩

JLPT — Japanese Language Proficiency Test, is the world wide test put on twice a year by the Japanese government to test your language abilities. It is ranked from N5 (the easiest) to N1 (the hardest). Read more here.

The Alphabet — Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.

Hiragana: ひらがな です (notice the fluid look)

Katakana: カタカナ デス (This one is much sharper looking)

Kanji: 漢字読みます (combines “pictures” with the other two “alphabets”) <– says "He reads Kanji"

These three scripts make up the Japanese writing system and give it the “funny” look. There are about 232 hiragana & katakana “letters” and over 50,000 Kanji! But we only need about 2,300 to be functional; so much easier :)

I'm writing more about What Makes Japanese so Hard and will link it (soon!!).

What I’m Using

As I keep updating and changing my study styles and tool, I want this homepage to reflect that. Below is the currently using tools, and after that is the "old tools". I've found that some tools didn't work for me as well as I wanted and have moved on from them, but leave them here since they are still great resources. You can read more in-depth here.


I love Jalup and rave about it all the time as you can tell by me writing a review. A short summary of it's features: teaches Kanji, definitions, reviews, and a crazy +1 system that only adds one new idea per card. On top of all of that, it's got Japanese to Japanese definitions using the knowledge you gain in app to teach you knew things in app (so cool). It's everything you need to learn Japanese.

In order to compensate for the lack of "comprehensible input", I am supplementing with Glossika to have a constant stream of input. This is a means to put a lot of Japanese in my head that makes sense and means something instead of taking the time to just sit and watch thousands of hours of tv.

The Plan/Goals (Current)

Below is an overview of my current plan which I intend to go into more depth about later. Read about my original plan here if you want to look back at how ambitious I was at the beginning 😂


  • ~20,000 Glossika Reps
  • Clear Jalup Intermediate


  • ~40,000 Glossika Reps
  • Clear Jalup Advanced


  • ~40,000 Glossika Reps
  • Clear Jalup Expert & Hero
  • #KnowJapanese

Ambition is the name of the game

Parting Thoughts

There ya have it, my crazy dream of Japanese fluency in 6 months. Yes, this is crazy. I’m sure I’ll be put in my place at some point by the beast called Japanese. And I know that not everyone who reads this can do anything like this and this isn't meant to be a "you can do it too". It is meant to be a crazy challenge and one that you can follow along with, so why not support the crazies with dreams?

If you’ve learned the language, share your tips and tricks! What worked for you? If you didn’t or want to, may this challenge serve to motivate you into action! My favorite part in all this though, is that even if I fail I’ll be 6-months closer with a fun blog to boot and hopefully some new friends. It’s a journey, not a destination. Come join me and see if we can’t do this together :)