Hello and Welcome!

I'm always excited to write these so I hope you enjoy reading them :) Lots going on this week, but I think to sum it up, it would be "melding". As in, melding the learning grind I've been on with the new work grind I'm starting.

Also, I can't count...Skip to the Wrap up to see what I'm talking about.


Jalup Intermediate: 200/1000

Jalup Advanced: 10/1000

Kanji Kingdom: 600/2300


Transitioning from Japanese grind to work last week was very hard with little Japanese. This week, I was able to get the hang of work and began re-integrating Japanese studies.

Coming back was like finding an old friend (even though it'd been only a week), and I really enjoyed the studying. I think to be real for a moment, it might seem as if I study and everything is rosy, but it's mostly me studying until I fall asleep with exhaustion, going "What'd I learn 😅" when I wake up.

So! What's the future look like?

Grind Time

I'm wanting to finish the challenge strong. Coming into this last round of learning and finishing everything, I'm really thinking of trying to blaze through and then "clean up" after.

Does it sound incredibly stupid?


Am I still going to try?


Will I fail?

Absolutely not! (But most likely, just gotta fake it till I make it...or not)

Final 3 Weeks Goal

  • 150 Sentences/Words a day
  • Zero Out Each day
  • Do not fear the tapping!

"Wait, what's that last one Bradley?" Oh, that's in reference to the fact that you can tap the words in Jalup and it'll pull up their definition (which you learned earlier).

I used to not tap out of pride, but I've learned that's stupid and will tap away :)


The job is going. I have already learned a lot about cold calling, the different industries in town and how to get people to stay on the phone. People can be very rude, but I've begun letting it roll off much better and instead feel bad for them :(

Also, I'm a bit slow in the call speed, but I'm aiming to speed that up this week 👍 All in all, I have grown a ton in two weeks and I'm excited for week three :)

Wrap Up

To clarify, I know it says week 22 and I put "3 week" goal, but if you look back, I think I skipped number 7 (which is funny since it's my favorite number). That means I've been ahead this whole time and I really do have 3 weeks left...

RIP to my math teachers.

Regardless, gonna finish strong, and I hope I learn to count better in Japanese... Until then,

Thanks for Reading!