Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Twenty One Update

Week of October 31st, 2020

Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Twenty One Update

Hey There!

And welcome to week 21's update. This was the first week of the journey where I had some serious changes in my life other than when I moved early on in week three. That said, still pushing forward and adjusting as quickly as I can.


Jalup Beginner: 1000/1000 (Now in Review full time)

Jalup Intermediate: 500/1000

Jalup Advanced: 10/1000 (On hold for a moment)

Kanji Kingdom: 210/2300 (Restarted to put into review)


As always, I like to start with how Japanese went for the week as that's the primary purpose for these updates. That said, a few changes but mostly staying course.

Beginner Moved to Review

I've gotten comfortable enough with Beginner I can do about 100 sentences in 20 minutes. I think that's awesome, but I'm getting too comfortable with it and I think it's time I move on.

I don't want to forget them, but I'm trying to blast them to the future so I can comeback every now-and-then and touch base. That'll let me keep the speed, but focus on other areas

Intermediate on the Grind

I knew last week that Intermediate would be the major grinding point this week as the other levels expand on it. Unfortunately, with work, I was unable to focus and let it slip a bit.

All this means is that I'm planning to spend a majority of my time on this area now trying to work it to the 100 sentences/20 minute speed.

Advanced & Kanji Kingdom

These two will be the remainder of my time and are fluid based on how I'm feeling.

Up for a challenge? Advanced.

Up for a calm night? KK.

That's about it. I still have a long way to go, but I'm finding a good balance.

Image by Pexels from Pixabay


Here's where the big stuff happened this week. Man. I suck at sales :P

Haha, let me explain. I really just suck at Cold Calling and found out this week just how thick a skin you have to have. It took a huge mental and emotional toll on me that really hindered my motivation elsewhere.

It's sad how many people just slam the door in your face for no reason.


I don't like to stay in the doldrums for too long, and with the help of my awesome mom, Ren Fest this weekend, great friends, and some hype music, I'm ready to kick butt this week.

The Renaissance Festival (REn Fest) was a blast with all the dressing up, getting to drive an hour through some beautiful country areas, and getting to hang with my family and friends. (And the jousting...always a blast)

The week ended on a high note, which was much needed and will carry me forward, stronger and ready to go.

Wrap Up

After a crazy week, I'm not upset with the results. Instead, I'm rather excited as I was thrown into the deep-end this week, but am finding I can swim :) Looking forward to letting you all know that I kicked Japanese's butt and got some sales! Till then,

Thanks for Reading!