Hey There!

Welcome to Week Twenty-Three :) The second to last week of the challenge and of course I get distracted...😅


Jalup Intermediate: 480/1000

KK: 1360/2300


This week was rough due to a variety of factors, but I'll be honest and up-front in saying, I just didn't want to study this week.

This week had

  • Thanksgiving
  • Me working behind the scenes on a new project to launch
  • Me hanging out and being with my family, and
  • Me reading a new book series (which was a real time sink).
  • Us shopping #BlackFridayAllWeek

I also think I was burnt out a bit from the last 6 months. I had some really high expectations on my study time (aside from the challenge) and to no one's surprise, would struggle with the backlash.

I was able to maintain reviews for the most part, and have set up some reworked expectations for my studies. I think these realignments and maintenance will help as I continue forward and look at the next 6 months.

Looking Ahead

This last week will hopefully see all of Intermediate in the review queue and all of Kanji Kingdom. It's about time I cross these off the list, even if they take time in reviews.

Next week, I'll dive into my plan for the next 6-months, give a huge looking back post, and talk about a plan I'd give to someone who was starting out. (Maybe I've inspired one of you!)


Still not much going on to talk about just yet, but the family is planning a vacation soon and I'm excited for that! #PrayingForYouAllStill

Wrap Up

Thanks as always for keeping up with me through these! I hope you enjoyed them over the last 6 months and look forward to doing many more! Time to knock out these reviews :) Till next week,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by DarkmoonArt_de from Pixabay