Welcome to this week's Update!! So much time and such little fun, wait, I meant so much little, and such time fun... Argh ðŸ˜Ī you get the point 🙄 😜 so let's get to the point...haha.


Jalup Beginner: 1000/1000 ðŸŸĒ (+140)

Kanji Kingdom: 1300/2300 ðŸŸĒ (+250)

Jalup Intermediate: 100/1000 ðŸŸĒ (+100)


This week was a very good week, albeit a bit slower than I wanted and a new approach all around. Going off of last week's sadness and refreshed-ness, I was able to finish strong and add in all of Beginner while starting Intermediate.

Yay! Intermediate!

Finally made it! Haha, I know for those learning normally, I'm probably at about the same pace, but I was able to get in the Kanji as well (which we're now going back through).

That said, with Intermediate comes a whole new challenge of learning Japanese in Japanese. I have read time and time again to expect a slower progression as you try and build the Japanese only foundation, but I have a trick Ima try and employ.

New Challenge? - Relational Building

Intermediate functions like a tier list to help learn new words and their relation to others. The easiest example is "good", "better", "best".

Teaching someone new to English the difference would say something like "Good = opposite of Bad" which is true and though there's more to the word, it builds a foundation.

Then, "Better" could be "more good than good" while "Best" could be "More good than better". It's simple relations like this that I'm learning in Japanese now through the Intermediate section.

New Tricks? - Quick Building

As with everything in language, there's a lot to learn here, especially the new relationships. But, as with everything I'm trying to speed run, we break it down.

The most important thing right now is learning how the words relate to each other and understanding the roots and connections. As I don't have the time to learn each one normally and slowly, I'm focused on running through Intermediate and testing only the relationships.

As I review, I do try and learn the pronunciation, but I know that will come in time. I also think I'll focus more on pronunciation as I go through a second time (thinking of restarting like I do most).

So, Quick Build refers to "Quickly building the relationships" and moving on.


Not much here as I'm still looking for a job and working on writing and Japanese. Totally cool with this section being pretty bare as I've had a crazy past two weeks ðŸĪŠ

Wrap up

That's about it for this week's update! Lots of stuff coming on the learning front and I think will be a great growth for my Japanese ability. I've already begun to notice the lessons in Beginner paying off and I'm excited to be able to understand more in a weird vague sense.

Looking forward to next week!