This is the halfway point for month two! Crazy how fast it's going 😱 Last week's post focused on how I'm approaching these coming weeks and the changes I've made. This week we'll see how well I kept to them and what all has changed. Let's get to it!


Jalup Beginner: 560/1000 🔻

Kanji Kingdom: 1000/2300 🟢

Jalup Intermediate: 0/1000 🔻


This week was a reversal of last month! Haha, I'm noticing a trend of pushing forward with one area (sentences) and then needing to go back and supplement with the other (kanji). It's been working really well though as this last week has made a lot of words I'd been learning make a bit more sense. That said, we've added a new tool to supplement a new found 'blind spot'.

New Tool!

Before we roll our eyes and say "another tool?!?!" Let me explain. I realized a very important fact this week: learn first, review second. Seems straight forward, and when I was "learning" with Jalup, that's what I thought was happening. However, I've realized that I was simply skimming and not actually learning.

So, what's this new tool? It's called Notecards, and it rocks for learning. I've updated my main tools page to reflect it and am working on a more in-depth guide to show how I use it, but for now I'll give a brief run down.

Why this tool?

I noticed that Kanji was a massive undertaking. I wrote about how it exhausted me in month one to the point of exhaustion and avoided it all of week 5. But, I need to learn it... just not all of it, or all at once.

I realized that the biggest step I needed to take right now is learning the keyword for each kanji.

I've copied all of Kanji Kingdom's cards into Notecards with the kanji on the front, and the keyword on the back. From there, the tool shines. I am able to study the massive lists with an option of "start small and grow".

What's that mean? It means in a list of 200 kanji, I can see 5 of them, get those wrong, and before being confronted with new ones (like I was before), come back to those same 5 until I get them right. Only then does it add new kanji.

Even better, when it adds them, I now have to get all of the new ones and old ones right. It slowly grows into a massive snowball that within a very short time period requires me to recall lots of kanji.

I love it.

Last comment

Notecards rocks for learning, it sucks for retaining. That said, after transferring and learning them, I still do the Jalup reviews to make sure the ones I know well I don't study everyday, and those I don't know well I see more often.

Okay, for real last comment

Results have been amazing.


With new tools comes a new~ish plan. I want to focus on the Kanji and Beginner sentences right now and plan to finish those out by the end of next week. I'll use next weekend to clear out the review queue (cause there will be a lot to review) and then begin my journey into Intermediate next Monday!

Life Update!

Two big things to note.


I've moved blog sites!! I hope you all like this blog site and enjoy the cool features. I'm always looking to add more and hope to use this as blog post home base for the foreseeable future.

And Two

I'm actively looking for jobs 😬 I have enjoyed getting to grind kanji and Japanese sentences, but they unfortunately don't pay the bills (haha...I laugh out loud, but am internally sad). That said, I have killer website skills, content creation writing, and the ability to work in teams well. If you know of any opportunities please hit that Contact tab and let me know!

Wrap Up

Thank you for still supporting me in this journey and I hope you all are enjoying the updates! I wish you all the best this week and look forward to coming back next week with a success story of conquering Kanji and Beginner 😁

Check out next week's post! (Coming August 1st)


A thousand Kanji in a week!