Welcome To Week Seven

Keepin the momentum going 😁

This week has been a serious grind for the website (read my big life update) and a strong base setting. The problem with setting up the base is that there's not much to show for it... But! Next week will have many fruits and I'm excited to share them with you. I've also updated the home base for this challenge if you want to check out what's new.


Jalup Beginner: 700/1000 🟢 (+140)

Kanji Kingdom: 1300/2300 🟢 (+300)

Jalup Intermediate: 0/1000 (unchanged)


At first glance, this seems like a let down from last week's "I'll finish it all by the end of the week!" Couple of things (there's always the sneaky stuff 🙄)

Had to add in the Kanji

With last week's update I introduced the new tool: Notecards. It's amazing and it does it's job. The issue though is that it sucks as "reviews" since it has no SRS features. Because of this, I needed to add in the 1000 learned kanji into Jalup (which is ironic because they all came from Jalup in the first place).

I couldn't take a long time to do this as I don't have much time anyways, but the issue then is that I pretty much had to "start over" and add 200-300 in a day so I would overwhelm the system.

If you're confused that's okay, it's all a really fancy long winded way to say: I had to backtrack for a short bit in order to help myself in the long run. Short term loss, long term gain.

It's also painful doing 200 Kanji a day and Sentences

Your brain hurts after doing ~600 reviews (yes that's how many I'd have a day) and adding in 200 new ones. Several days were me adding in ones I already knew but it's still just a HUGE amount.

Because of this, I had no energy to do sentences. Lesson learned 😂

This updates the plan slightly...


  • Clear Kanji by Tuesday (About 200 a day with me stopping at 2050)
  • Begin Sentences @ 50 a day on Wednesday with Beginner being done on Aug 11th
  • Begin Intermediate on Aug 13th (Way delayed but we really need to be strong in our foundation to blaze through this)

I'm currently toying with speeding up the Beginner portion, but Kanji need to be cleared. Will keep you posted.

Life Update

This section is being moved! With the new site and me having a way to email those who follow I will be sending updates via those posts.

Wrap Up

Not every update will be crazy long (despite many in the past being such). This one is a quick touch base and numbers check. I will for sure have Kanji cleared come next week and hopefully be progressing smoothly through Beginner.

Also, next week is Month Two's big update! That means we'll be looking back at this month's goals and seeing how well I did and setting goals for Month 3.