This has been a crazy time of the year for me and it's not even the end of Spoopy Season 😱 Some quick highlights:

  • Japanese is going well
  • I have a job!
  • And I'm looking to take a writing hiatus

Before we get into all those juicy details though, I gotta go over Jalup as normal:


Beginner: 1000/1000 (x2)

Intermediate: 500/1000

Kanji: 1600/2300


Okay, let's get into all of this. I'll start with Japanese as that is the point of this article (but you can skip ahead if you want to :)


Reading Jalup has helped tremendously and the (x2) after Beginner is there to say I've "read" it twice this week. Already I've seen a HUGE improvement in my reading and understanding ability and I can only say it's due to a few reasons.

  1. I have removed a lot of the "have to remember" pressure
  2. I've increased the amount of times I'm seeing the patterns
  3. I'm focused less on accuracy and more on speed (which thus improves accuracy strangely)

I know I sound like some miracle "just read 3 times a day and you'll be fluent" dude, but I really have seen a big spike in understanding and enjoyability that I have to rave about.

Especially since I've become much better at being able to decipher the definitions of the all Japanese words in Intermediate. I'm pumped. It's been a good week for Japanese.


As you may know having followed these updates over the last few months, I've been looking for a job. I'm excited to report that I finally have one! It's a sales position within the local market and will require me to be a salesman (something in line with my degree ironically).

I don't want to say more than that for now, but I will keep you all updated as it takes off and I get into it (aka, I can say it's going well :P ).


Because of this new position, I know life is going to hit a rough patch with me adjusting to all the new things and daily activities.

There have been a lot of things I've been working on within my writing and Japanese areas but unfortunately one of them needs to pause until I can reasonably do more.

As I'm in a non-secure spot with Japanese, I need to press on with it and will thus be taking a writing break for the foreseeable future after my Spoopy Season Challenge.

In my big update though I promised One new article a week though and that means these updates will continue and you'll be able to catch a glimpse of how I'm doing there :)

Wrap Up

It's hard to believe it but next week will be the end of Month 5 for me and will mark the final chapter of my 6 month journey beginning. Looking forward to it and keeping these going!

Thank you for your prayers and continued support these last few months as I've gotten to grow and learn so many new things 😊

I hope you have an awesome week and as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Paul Cuoco on Unsplash