This is week 14’s update for how learning Japanese in 6 Months is going and what I’ve been up to. Remember I shifted to Glossika and focusing on increasing listening with the results below. I also got to go on a mini vacation and talk about how that helped me a lot. So lets get to it!


Glossika: 9,700 reps

Jalup: No Change


Glossika has been a big help in hearing and understanding Japanese much more fluent and naturally. I’ve gone through a few of the shows I’ve watched before and have noticed a huge improvement in comprehension just from doing the Glossika reps.

I can tell though that it’s now vocabulary that’s really holding me back and I need to start shifting active study time to Jalup, while keeping passive and or free time with Glossika. I think the power combo of the two will be awesome.


With Japanese going well, this week’s focus is on life and how it’s all going. I’m applying to more jobs and even reached out to Zapier (which I use for my own blog). Hopefully these seeds start to bear fruit, but all in due time.


That said, I got to take a breather from it all when mom and I went on vacation an hour away. Nothing too crazy but it gave us a chance to do things we wouldn’t normally such as try a bbq place, swim in a pool, or even time to do silly little sticker art things.

With COVID, it’s very hard to travel and feel assured of safety, but I encourage anyone reading this to find small steps outside of home to take. This week’s Brupdates was all about perspective shift and I had my one shift when I was away.

I was able to see how much I was worried and concerned about the future or what my life means. And in seeing my fears, I was also able to see that they were unfounded and out of my control.

Lastly, I was able to write much better and enjoyed getting to break through problems I’d been making for myself in my writings. Hopefully you all get to see those fruits soon ;)

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this week's Update and getting to know me better. I hope you get to travel soon or use me vicariously :) Either way, this next week will be a great one for us all and I hope to have many Japanese accomplishments to report!

Till Then,