Made it over the 10 week hump! Almost halfway there. Next week will hopefully be a really fun post as we kick off the second half of the challenge and move into September...we're so close to Halloween (my favorite holiday!)


Kanji Kingdom: 1310/2300 🟢 (+10)

Jalup Intermediate: 250/1000 🟢 (+150)


I slowed down a lot more than I was hoping. As you see, I only gained 150 new cards, but that was after I reset Intermediate and went back through. The reason is because it's a bit like caveman Japanese when it comes to understanding through Japanese and there are many similar words that become hard to distinguish.

But this is a Challenge!

And a challenge it must be. So, as a final push for the end of month 3 (crazy to believe), I'm going to finish Intermediate.

That's right, going to finish it. Now, a lot of this is based on the idea of needing to gain a massive amount of exposure to the language and doesn't mean I'm going to learn everything in one go.

I talked two weeks ago about needing to "prime" myself and I think this will help. There is a lot of stuff to still learn and I need to keep pushing to learn it.

I also am bringing in Glossika

I love Jalup and will till I die, but the need right now is for me to gain more exposure. Thankfully, Glossika is nothing but sentences and will be of great use for me to increase my listening ability and Japanese understanding as I try to make sense of Jalup.

I don't want to stay on the Japanese-English train much longer (which is Glossika) so I will only be doing one pass through and no reviews. I also plan to not quiz myself as much as I focus on input and not output like I did for the Kanji.

End of Month Three's Goals

  • Finish Intermediate
  • Listen to 3,000 Glossika Sentences


Got to catch up with an old friend of mine who is still living and loving Florida. He's gave some good advice and has gotten me into looking for a job in Aluminum and potentially an international company dealing with Japan.

Nothing much more going on. Pretty simple right now and that's okay :)

Wrap Up

Wanting to keep these quick and informative for anyone who wants to keep following the progress through the weeks. Hopefully they help and keep you inspired!

Thanks for Reading :)



We're gonna finish!!