It's week 18 of this crazy journey and I still can't believe how much more there is to do in such a short time coming up. Before we get into that, let's look back on the hectic week I had life wise, my slow progress with Jalup, and everything in between.


Beginner: 400/1000

KK: 400/1000

Intermediate: 400/1000


I restarted Beginner and KK as I realized that I was still struggling with confidence of basic grammar and kanji. That said, going back made me see how much I do and don't remember and I find has helped solidify many connections in my head.

Because of this, I'm continuing to push through Intermediate and hope to clear it this week. A few caveats though.


Being all in Japanese, it's really easy to feel lost quite often in this section as my brain doesn't understand what it's reading (aka, unable to translate). Because of this, a lot of similar words become real easy to get hung up on (cold, cool, chilly, try explaining the differences between those words).

That's no good, whether I was speed running or not. To combat this, I'm assigning short-hands that I think will help me get through it, leave a marker for when I see it again, and continue on. It's like Hansel and Gretel, but I make it home.

I'll be honest, I was really tempted to go to an English translation path for theh time being. Thankfully, before jumping ship though (as it really is mind blowing-ly hard), I read a few posts on Jalup that boosted my confidence and I'm ready to tackle this this week. Fingers crossed for next week.


Super crazy on this end as I finally have a few offers and jobs coming in! So fun :) But because of all the interviews and getting to meet up with friends, I was overwhelmed for a short bit.

I'm very excited for a calmer week and the opportunity to plan ahead for the jobs I'll be working. I know I hyped this to be a long section with much in-depth, but there really isn't too much more to add as it was just a lot of time to do instead of explain.

Wrap Up

I am pumped for this week and the learning that's gonna occur. Plus, with lilfe moving, Spoopy Season still in full swing and all sorts of fun things, I hope you too have a great week :) Till next week when I can finally say I conquered Intermediate 😈

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash