It's already been 4 months ðŸĪŠ since I've set out to learn Japanese, and in doing so much has changed. I won't do a huge reflection as I'm waiting to finish the challenge first, but I can already tell that I've learned a lot more about who I am.

That said, let's dive into:

  • The current state of where I am
  • The struggles I'm facing
  • Methods I'm using
  • Goals for month 5!


As always, we start with where I am...

Jalup Intermediate: 400/1000 ✅


Month four was a big learning curve in terms of realizing my lack of input, needing to find ways to supplement that, and even uncovering new facts about how we can learn languages. With this learning, such as taking the break for Glossika, and other resource seeking, I found that I didn't maintain my pace of 50/day.

That pace was laid out after month 3's reflections and I still want to stick with that as I have found it to still hold well. In my deep dive to expose myself more to the language by using Jalup as a book, I found 50 to still be a sweet spot 🧁 for the amount of new stuff in and giving me time to review the old stuff.

I'm happy to say that I'm 400 words into Jalup Intermediate despite these breaks and set backs and am settling into this method for the coming two months. #DoOrDie

Current Mindset

Doing this challenge as I teased above, has helped me grow a lot in understanding what it means to do that little bit each day for the big payoff later. This has specifically shown itself in my current battle of no results despite effort.

It's been especially hard as I took a deep dive into the only Japanese realm and am hoping to come up for air soon. Lately it's been very dark as I read the definitions and worry that I'm getting things wrong all the time, but trust in everyone who's gone before me.

Being at the ~400 mark, I'm more than halfway to the point most people say they "get the hang of it" which is my comfort right now. In that, I hope to make it to the end of Intermediate and start to speed up a bit as the end of the challenge is quickly approaching.


  • Stick with it
  • Finish Advanced by the end of Month 5 (That includes intermediate where I'm at)
  • Publish daily #SpoopySeason


Still applying to jobs and I think I'm getting a much better hang at selling myself and putting together a resume that sells, but I still need to land a job. Prayers appreciated :)

Aside from all of the above, the only other big thing is my desire to become a better writer and in desiring that, starting a writing challenge. I write daily for only 30 minutes to prompts my mom came up with (she was too excited to help).

Hopefully this will be good practice and get me ready for the NaNoWriMo challenge that starts in November. That one has you write a novel in a month and is geared towards not overthinking, but towards getting words on the page.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this week's update! I know it's on the shorter side of my month updates, but there's really not too much changing as I continue to make progress through the small goals. I love that you read these though and I hope you have a great month 5 yourself :)

Thank you