Day 12 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "List the qualities of a best friend and then an enemy."

Initial Thoughts

Man, juxtaposition is one way of coming up with characters. This seems like a good way to kind of differentiate between those who become our heroes and those who become our villains.

Best Friend

  1. A key sign of being a best friend is willing to drop everything despite the situation not calling for it.

To explain, we weight the pros and cons of helping out people. In this we decide if the payoff of helping them, is worth the cost of what we miss out on. Typically, the payoff is higher than the cost and we help.

In reverse, think of the times when we say "eh, traffic sucks, and by time I get there I'll only be there for 10 minutes to help." We've decided that the effort to get there (and thus the relaxation we give up) is worth more than the 10 minutes of help - so we say no.

A best friend ought to say yes despite the negative (it's inconvenient for them) and though they may express their dissatisfaction, they're there.

2.   A best friend share's a core commonality with you

Best friends aren't a copy of you, but they should have a similar central pillar of interests. If you talk about dogs all day, your best friend needs to like dogs, otherwise they better be into your Buzzfeed quizzes.

3.   You spend quality time with them.

This is a two parter of part one being quality time. No phones, others, distractions, just heart to heart talks. After talking, then phones and distractions.

4.   You two give and take

This is a tie-in for the first two. You aren't mirror images, which means you both enjoy different things and can't do what you enjoy all the time. This is where a best friend "is willing to drop everything despite the situation not calling for it" and go support your cat addiction despite hating cats and missing an event they like.

In doing this, there's a reciprocity of having them join you at Ren Fest when they'd rather be watching their favorite cat streamer live.

Enemy Qualities

Oh how fun, the dreaded enemy - the person we dislike the most and seems as if they're sole focus in life is ruining ours. I think there are a few key qualities that explain why this is.

  1. Not seeking understanding.

They don't care for you (but be honest, do you care for them?) which means they don't care to understand you and your thoughts. When you talk to them, it's about them and if you complain they have a list of complaints against you too without any expectation for them to change.

2.   Differing interests

No matter what you two do, there is no or little commonality between your interests and theirs. You like blue, they like red, you're a fan of Netflix, and they only watch the stars in a sleeping bag. The gap is wider than the Grand Canyon because at least you can see the other side of the GC.

3.   They're jealous of you

In their jealousy, they feel the only way for them to succeed is by tearing you down. I'd say this also comes from a lack of understanding and communication on both ends.

You probably feel threatened and don't care for them, instead wanting them off your back and not caring about their feelings. They on the other hand only care for their inferiority resulting in a mess.

Wrap Up

This isn't a Brupdate :P but I felt that it'd be good to sum up my thoughts. Friends can be anyone, including our enemies. It typically comes down to how open both of you are to trying new things and experiencing life with the other.

Just because they're not your best friend though, doesn't make them public enemy #1 so be nice ;) As always,

Thanks for Reading!




Artwork: Hayden Currie