Favorite Villain

Spoopy Season Challenge - 26

Favorite Villain

Day 26 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "What villain did you sympathize with? Why?"

Initial Thoughts

I've never given this one much thought. Not because I don't like the villains but because you normally just cheer for the heroes. I have however, begun to feel a lot more pain for the villains I watch.

I think this is because they're normally bad due to either a poor upbringing or they feel misunderstood and trapped in their world. Doesn't make the actions right, but I'd be pretty mad too if the whole world thought I was an idiot and believed in make-belief... Oh wait, I'm Catholic...

Favorite Villain/ Most Pity For

If I had to pick a villain that I felt the worst for but had a reasonable argument to back their "villainy" then it'd be any of the guys who think being a jerk is okay.

The one that's coming to mind is the guy from The Secret Life of Walter Mitty but I know there are plenty more like him. For those who haven't seen the movie the iMDB synopsis is:

When both he and a colleague are about to lose their job, Walter takes action by embarking on an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

And the main villain is Ted Hendricks played by Adam Scott (from Step Brothers), who is coming into Walter's company and "taking over".

The only problem: Ted's a d*** who has zero respect unless you're making 6 figure paychecks or your name is Sean O'Connell (who happens to be one of the greatest photographers of all time).

Lucky for Mitty, Sean likes him and gives him the best photo he's ever taken, unlucky for Mitty, Ted wants it and he's not beneath laughing at Mitty for his shortcomings.

Why the Pity?

We don't see much of Ted, but like most bullies, you understand he gets a great deal of satisfaction from making fun of people who are weaker. We cheer for Mitty and relish when he slaps Ted in the face (not literally) at the end of the film.

We root for Mitty knowing he's become a great man and has all the satisfaction he's desired without getting there the way Ted does. But there in lies the pity.

Ted's worldview is warped and it cause him to lash out and hurt others. He's hurting and he feels the only way to be seen is by hurting others and making jokes at other people's expense.

Watching it, we know it's a problem, but we also turn away from it because Mitty and his challenges take the spotlight. Unfortunately the movie is about Mitty and his win, not Ted and his pain.

We don't know what happens to the villains mentally and that's the real tragedy.

We see them get locked up, see the "bad guy" lose, and the "good guy" win, but we don't see the bad guy become good. It's sad and I think that's why I have the most sympathy for those who don't know how to ask for help.

Asking for help is essential to becoming the hero, and it's why bullies like Ted will forever be the villain...

Who's your favorite villain? Least favorite? Let me know! And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by Willgard Krause from Pixabay