Day 22 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge:

"The wind will rustle, there in the breeze,

Describe your favorite types of trees or leaves!"

Initial Thoughts

I'm enjoying the rhyming going on there :) As for my answer, I think there are a lot of cool tree types out there, lets see if I can't describe a few.

Favorite Tree

I'm a fan of the cold which is why Spoopy Season and this whole challenge excites me as the fall brings the chill. Because of this, my first favorite tree is an evergreen which is just that "ever" "green", including the winter.

While many tree's leaves are open and broad, this one takes a different approach holding onto them like needles that have been reinforced.

Better than it's prickly leaves though is the sweet smell that falls off of it. In the book Nature Fix by Florence Williams, they say the smell of trees alone is enough to help us de-stress and this tree happens to be one of the most popular choices.

It's a very popular tree in the mountains too since it's able to survive the harsh winters and can be seen covering a mountain almost as noticeable as the snow.

Why I like this tree is because not only does it tie in with the cold weather, de-stressing of many, and fun green color, but is also a staple for Christmas - another great time of the year.

Second Favorite Tree

Moving away from the cold, this tree is an old tree. It's withered and worn, but a subtle strength can be seen as the tree has lived for a century+.

This tree has broad leaves on long branches that fall to the ground and create beautiful archways of many colors as the times change. Also, a fan favorite for many memory photo spots so people can come back and see how big the tree has gotten since.

As a bonus, because of it's age, people associate mystery and secrets with these trees that are featured in fantasy stories quite often.

Perhaps these old trees know your favorite trees? If you feel like sharing then let me know! What are you favorites and least (I don't like palm trees)... And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by My pictures are CC0. When doing composings: from Pixabay