Day 6 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Describe your favorite time of the year without using dates or names of seasons"

My Favorite Time of the Year

This time begins when the first cool breeze from the north comes blowing it's gentle winds into our hot, hot homes. The trees having bloomed their beautiful flowers and the bees having concocted their honey begin to make haste as they best not be unprepared for what's to come. And we too start to rush towards deadlines anticipating the time with our families and friends.

After the winds come, the trees began to show the changes as their green fades and their bark seems to harden. What was once vibrant and lush green has become a hue of orange and red as if the world's be lit a flame. Perhaps a call out to what might soon be in our fireplaces - unless you live in the south.

Jackets are dusted off, hats are washed, and gloves are brushed. The shorts and t-shirts are replaced and covered as all our work tanning goes into hiding.

Better yet, this is the time for decorations. We're not at the celebrations, reflections, or time off yet, but we eagerly await them. As we bait our breath, we hang this there and that here turning a barren wall into a spectacle to behold. Trees aren't put up, but perhaps a dark net and orange fruits carved in fun shapes (not oranges).

After gutting those fruits, we save their insides to bake pies for a feast to come. Again, we're not there yet, but we wait, time crawling. To speed it up we distract ourselves with themed shows, and games as everyone embraces the spirit reminding us "we're in it together" no matter how torn everything seems.

It's my favorite time because we can feel the changes. We can see them happen.

It's my favorite time because the cold is much better than the hot (sorry Julia).

It's my favorite time because the magic of life seems to come alive and we're pulled out of the mundane daily activities.

What time specifically do you think I'm talking about?

Let me know! This one was way harder than I thought it'd be and I tried to be even stricter by not explicitly stating everything in the season. It's more fun to try and describe what we already know (but harder too :P ). What's your favorite season??

Thanks for Reading!




Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay