Day 17 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "What are your favorite Halloween traditions?"

Initial Thoughts

I have a few favorites that pop into mind right off the bat but I don't know if they qualify as the normal tradition. "Traditions" in our house, while we keep the core of it, normally change each year :P


Scream Jump

I immediately thought of our Halloween night tradition in which I dress up. How? As a scream guy with the eerie mask and an all black outfit. But the good times don't end there. No, I then don two plastic glow in the dark knives and sit outside with a bowl of candy in my lap.

Why would I do all of this? To scare the kids of course.

When they arrive, I sit very still and allow them to approach the house as they yell "trick-or-treat", unaware of what they just asked for. They see me sitting there and don't know whether I'm real or not, but they do know that it's a bowl of candy.

Slowly, one of the kids often musters up courage and starts to reach in while all the other kids watch the show. Depending on the group, depends on if the first person will be my victim or if a later member will be. But no matter who it it, when they reach in, I jump and "stab" their head with the plastic knives.

They scream, I laugh, candy flies everywhere, and the poor parents have lots of consoling to do. I say poor parents, but I brought them closer together with their child after I terrified them...that's a win right?


Another fun tradition is decorating the yard with gravestones, fake bones, and lots of spyaider webs. This is a simple tradition, but fun none-the-less as it really adds to the festivities and I love watching people stop to look.

Internally, we have my favorite decoration of the year. It's a streamer thing that we hang in the doorway to our bathroom/washroom hallway creating a dark corridor. Your imagination goes wild as you pass through to the other side where it's dark and anything spoopy can happen.

Lastly, the decorations are this wonderful mix of black and orange which is fun and colorful as everything tints the house with the upcoming fall colors.

What's Your Favorite Tradition?

With so many varieties of things to do and decorations to be had, what kinds of things do you like to do this time of year? Are you an early cookie maker, heavy decorator, or a movie-thlon-er of every Halloween Town there is? Let me know! And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash