Favorite Character

Spoopy Season Challenge - 27

Favorite Character

Day 27 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Who is your favorite character of all time? (Book/Movie/etc...)"

Initial Thoughts

As Spoopy Season is coming to a close, I'm quite happy that it turned into more of a "get to know Bradley" challenge as writing this all out is more what I needed than I thought.

That said, favorite character of all time? I was initially thinking Jesus but I feel like "character" though could be a descriptor for personality/person, in this case is more a fictional person.

So aiming for a fictional person I think I got one...

Favorite Character

I really want to say Iron Man or Milo (from The Phantom Tollbooth), but I think the winner this time around is Snoopy from Charlie Brown.

Dude is a freakin champ fighting the Red Barron, being there for Charlie (sometimes), having fun with Woodstock (the little bird), and letting his little imagination go wild.

I think what I really enjoy about him is his freedom. Yes he's a dog with very little responsibility, but he's also a representative for how we should approach each day: as a grand adventure.

He's with his friend digging up (literally) random things from his little dog house, saving a princess poodle, trying to learn in human school, and always ready to mess with Lucy.

Nothing is off limits as he stays open to any opportunities that land in front of him...such as a typewriter or Christmas tree...

Snoopy doesn't leave town, yet goes on the grandest journeys.

He may not be a complete character showing every facet of humanity, but he's one I love and like to live like at times. It may or may not have encouraged my love for black sunglasses...

Who's your favorite character? Is it Sally Joe? Spot? The blue dude in Big Fat Liar? Let me know! And as always,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by Brent Connelly from Pixabay