Day 7 Prompt

For The Spoopy Season Challenge: "Pick an adjective and describe someone who is the epitome of it."

Initial Thoughts

I looked up an adjective's definition just to make sure and it's "a word added to a noun to modify it". A "Brave" person, or "scary" pumpkin. I think I go this...

Can you guess the adjective?

Seth woke up after his 10th alarm went off and pulled a cord that wound it's way around his bed post down to the table below where the clock sat and triggered a fake hand to push snooze. He then rolled over ready to go to sleep again, except a small sliver of his leg poked out allowing the cold air to freeze that section.

'Ugh,' he thought not wanting to move again and cover that area. 'It'll just freeze and I'll cut off my leg later.'

He closed his eyes, but had them open yet agin 5 minutes later when alarm #11 went off. 'Fine!' he thought again not wanting to expend the energy to get annoyed or even say his real feelings. He rolled the other way where a shoddy cardboard and leftover wood contraption allowed him to roll out of bed down to a soft bed of pillows.

Watching the world go round for a second and then feeling the cushiony softness below, Seth new his time building it was well spent. 'Beats climbing down the stairs.'

He laid there for yet another minute enjoying the strange cacophony of sounds his 11 alarms made when their snoozes all went off at the same time. Okay, maybe not enjoying it, but didn't mind it enough to not move. Finally, his stomach growling was the sound that did him in as he realized he was hungry.

He stood, still ignoring the clocks and went to the bathroom. Grabbed an uncapped toothpaste tube (to much effort to put it back on), put it in his mouth and then squeezed. After putting it down he stuck the toothbrush in his other hand in and started brushing as he made his way to the toilet.

Gross? Agreed, but it was multitasking to the extreme. A proud attribute on his resume.

Flushing with the other hand, he got up to start the shower and then walked to his sink were he spit and swallowed the rest. 'Eh, rinsing's for chumps.' He then gave himself a whiff. 'I think deodorant's all I need today.'

Deciding that, he picked up his uncapped deodorant and put it on. Having already been to the bathroom it was redundant to go back and shut off the water so he just let it run. Instead, he headed to his living room area and picked up a controller where he held the main button to which the console and tv turned on. Anything that was a 2-for-1 was a win in his book.

As the game loaded he heard a loud thump against the wall. His neighbor asking nicely for him to shut off his alarm.

"Hey Sirus!"

"Yes BigGamer69?"

"Turn off all alarms."

"Alarms turned off."

The droning noise of the alarms finally stopped and only the water and console's fan could be heard.

'What a waste,' he thought to himself as the game came up on screen. See, Seth had a 20 word limit in the morning and had just used 6 to turn off his alarms. Almost half were gone and he'd only been up five minutes.

Seeing the game held his spot where he'd left off he noticed that he was almost to the top of a mountain where he'd be able to finish a quest he'd spent the better part of a month completing. As he began to climb up though, his thumb got a tired and he stopped pushing himself up. Unfortunately, he was in an area where the mountain was covered in ice, his character began to slip and if he didn't do anything soon, he'd have to start the climb all over again...

'Oh well,' he thought. 'I'll just have to come back when I'm up for a mountain climb. I guess right now I'll just go ride a horse and start a farm like Casablanca or something.'

He found a nearby horse, and after hopping on sat there. His thumb was too tired to move again and soon he was too as a nap was setting in.

'I'll eat breakfast after a quick nap,' he thought eyeing the cans of chili near his fridge. It was either cold canned chili or thawed frozen pizza that he'd eat - after his nap of course.

Could you Guess it??

I think I did a decent job describing lazy. He couldn't even put his lids back on! And letting the water run 😢 (don't do that at home).

Hopefully you were able to guess it :)

Thanks for Reading




Photo by Photoholgic on Unsplash