Life is chaotic and as I read through the articles I wanted to send this week realized that you don't need chaotic. This email is yet another amongst many and it should serve to help, refresh, and feel lighter. Because of that, I'm keeping it simple, so you may breathe.

Seeing a newsletter we know and love change can let us know too that it's okay to change. We don't need to hold onto old ideas or standards to move forward and produce great things. It's typically when we break those norms that greatness is found.

This week only has my week fifteen update and a great quote from a great woman. There will be many more fun articles to come these next few weeks, with a new series launching Wednesday ;) Until then let's breathe in the autumn air, smile, and prep for the shenanigans we know is coming these next few months. #SpookySeasonStartsSoon 👻

Quote of the Week

"We Shall Never Know All the Good a Simple Smile Can Do" - Mother Teresa

Thanks for Reading!