Happy Labor Day!

Such an awesome week, Mulan came out (who saw it?), cool posts to read below, and it's Labor day today, served with a side of superstition to get us started.

What superstitions you ask? The ones that come with learning new languages and customs. For us, "6" (this week's Brupdate #), 3 times in a row is a no-no, with 13 being even more unlucky (especially on Friday). But in Japan, 4 is where it's (not) at since 4 is pronounced "shi" in Japanese, just like Death (also pronounced "shi"). So now, if you see a girl crying on July 4th, or any 4th, you can say "shi must be havin a bad day." and silently chuckle to yourself before offering to help.

On Site

Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Month Three Update! (5 min)

Big Highlight: The JLPT is cancelled (the whole goal for the challenge) so we've changed the goal to "Finish Jalup by November's end" (Jalup = the app/program I'm using).

With this, I plan to put more effort into writing again and reclaiming a lot of mental space as I'm able to slow down a bit. This is good news for you! Cause it means you get more "shi-fu" jokes (get it??). Yes, you can pity laugh and slap me in your head.

Off Site

Since it's Labor Day, let's celebrate America and the great labors of love from camping and fast food to the tiny bacteria battery...

Free Code Camp

Photo by Clément H

I normally feature posts and blogs, but with me getting into coding again (mentioned in the month 3 update), I thought it'd be cool to share a really good resource called Free Code Camp. Thankfully it features more coding and less camping, but tons of great lessons. If you know of a blooming coder, send 'em over.

How to really eat your McD's Fries (1 min)

Who knew? Cause I sure didn't.

Will Bacteria Wires Power Your Phone? (5 min)

Ella Maru Studio/Courtesy Of Umass Amherst

I love science and all the cool things we discover, especially with technology. To think a bacteria battery could be a real thing blows my mind. All you gotta know, is that "[t]hese protein strings can pull electricity out of moist air anywhere." Meaning no more charging!

Quote of the Week

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered. An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered. - G. K. Chesterton

A fun and adventurous quote in commemoration of me finishing my book about GK and also to inspire you to see even the worst of happenings as the largest of adventures.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this week's Brupdates! Did you feel this one went quick? Are they too short? Too long? Or are these like Goldley* Locks and just right? Let me know.

Till Next Week




*Goldley = Goldie + Bradley