Welcome to this week's Brupdates! This update is a rollercoaster for your emotions as we hit lows and remember the life of my dog (pictured above) who was sadly put down and highs as we celebrate the exciting news of being guest-posted. It's both awesome and sad at the same time...kinda like life is. But, let's smile and dive in together.


Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Nine Update (4 min)

I go into a lot more depth here about my dog passing if you'd like to read into it, but the short is that it was mouth cancer with little chance for survival. It really took a toll this week, but we must keep on 🤕



As Promised! One post on site a week guaranteed, however, I did get to post on another site this week...


7 Things I’ve Learned Speed Running Jalup - By me! (6 min)

I was able to get a post on Jalup! So cool! It's obviously a Japanese focused post, but is great for anyone looking to get started with the app. (Though, for most of you reading this, it's just me bragging and wanting to share my excitement with you) 😆

Lewis Howes - Fighting Child Sex Trafficking (68 min)

This is a great podcast that I've followed for quite some time, and with the recent push towards ending sex trafficking, especially for the youth, I thought it'd be awesome to share. Lewis also does a bunch of other topics from entrepreneurship to self worth and everything in between.

Disney Princesses in Real Life (2 min)

I laughed at this one. The pictures are hilarious if you're looking for some fun after reading the sad news above.

World Record: Number of Underwater Bench Presses (2 min)

Did you need to know it was 110 lbs 76 times? No. Do you? Yes. You're welcome.

Quote of The Week

Mankind's greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. -Stephen Hawking (1942-2018)

If it applies to humanity, it applies to you... Cough cough, your life's greatest failures come from you not talking or telling others, therefore go find someone and share what you're struggling with so as to achieve our greatness.

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading and I hope you had fun! It's a blast making these and I imagine you smiling at the silly comments 😜 I hope you reach out and share your favorite parts and forward this to whoever you think needs to see it 👍🏼

Till Next Week :)