Brupdates Turns 18!

Wow. They grow up so fast. And as a celebration, I have a big announcement (that you've probably already read cause it's in giant letters below lol)

On Site - Big Announcement!

I Have A YouTube Channel!

Get it? Braunch video?? For Bradley + Launch, tehehe

Huzzah! It's one of the worst videos we've all seen in awhile but it's a start and we all gotta start somewhere, so why not the bottom? You don't become great and remembered by dreaming, but doing, so here I am doing...something :P


Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Twenty Four Update (2 min)

Last big update until next week's 6 Month goal!! Can't believe it's gotten here so fast 😱

Off Site

Why is 18 the age that people are considered adults? (13 min)

In light of my email's coming-of-age, I wanted to question where the age of 18 came from. The general consensus is the Vietnam war, but there is a lot more to it if you're interested via this article.

How to Be the Best at Being Humble (2 min)

In setting out, the first hurdle is starting, but the next is staying humble and remembering we know nothing. Here's some tips for you (and a little bit for me).

Quote of The Week

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter." Mark Twain

Wrap Up

YouTube is exciting and I'm pumped to get to take this blog to the next level, but I know I need time to grow and want to take it slow. I hope you enjoyed the video and have sufficiently set the bar low so we can all go up together.

Have a great week! Happy Cyber Monday! And go chase your dreams as time isn't stopping :) Till next week,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by 4144132 from Pixabay