Hey there Braeader!

(Brad-Reader said exactly how you thought (cause I don't know another way to say it)). And Welcome to another Brupdate! This one is a bit more mellow as I have lots going on behind-the-scenes but I can't spoil too soon.

Hopefully being named a Braeader doesn't cause anarchy. You have any idea on what to call yourself as a reader in this community? A Brupdader? Send something better my way :P

On Site

Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Twenty Three Update (2 min)

Ramping up for the final few weeks of the challenge (2 to go!). Not too much more in here as the overall vibe right now is grinding and doing what I gotta get done :)


Not an article, but I want to encourage you to take a moment and do a "back burner" task this week. For example, I cleaned out old folders on my computer.

It's not a crazy achievement or massively pressing matter, but doing it gave me time to look back and refresh. It was a calming time, productive, and now when I look at my folders I need less mental power & have less stress.

You could clear old photos (duplicates), delete unused apps on your phone (I make mine only one page), or even set up an email organizer. Again, nothing crazy or hard, but will help you out. Go try it!

Off Site

Here's to renewal and the little things that help in life.

The History of Ctl+Alt+Delete (3 min)

This week in history: Bradley invents a restart button. (The guy who made it is named Bradley...Is that why I included this?...Oh look, two more articles to read)

5 Ways to Regroup, Reprioritize, and Renew Yourself (5 min)

We often wait for the new year to "renew" and resolve ourselves to what we want to do and be, but let's try getting ahead and starting today? If you do it now and fail, then you'll have New Year's to try again 👍🏼

Why 6 Hours of Sleep is as Bad as None at All (4 min)

After 10 days of sleeping 6 hours a night, participants cognition dropped to that of people only sleeping 4 or less, but they still felt as if they had enough sleep... AKA, ur dumb and you don't know ur dumb, so get sum slEp.

Quote of the Week

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” —Abraham Lincoln

Wrap Up

Yay to fun Brupdates and for being a Braeader :P Haha, seriously let me know if you can think of anything better haha. Happy Thanksgiving this week! Enjoy some turkey and A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Till next week,

Thanks for Reading!




Image by Sabrina Ripke from Pixabay