Brupdates #15

Monday November 9th, 2020

Brupdates #15

Welcome Welcome :)

Today is National Chicken Sandwich Day! Hopefully you get a chance to go out and enjoy the fun lovin', finger lickin', Popeyes hot and spicy or Chic-fal-a classic chicken sandwiches.

On Site

🍁 Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Twenty One Update (2 min)

Week one for the job was rough as I thought cold calling would be easier, but I've already learned a lot and grown in that. I'm looking forward to tackling more calls this week and having my first sales pitch!

And Japanese is going okay as well. Nothing too wild as the job took priority, but hoping to keep pushing strong for this month πŸ‘πŸΌ If you wanna know more, read the update :)


🍁 This day in History: The Collapse of the Berlin wall (17 min)

Image by Michael Kauer from Pixabay (The collapsed Berlin Wall)

The Berlin wall came down 30 years ago today. #DefeatCommunism


🍁 The Science of Helping Out (4 min)

I like to always bring one of these articles up every now and again to remind us that we're happiest when we help...even when we don't want to.


🍁 Superwood! (4 min)

This week's science article is about Super wood...Wood compressed and condensed to be stronger than steel! (It feels like everything is stronger than steel these days, but still impressive none-the-less.)

Quote of the Week

"We're all free, some just lack the courage to express it." - Bradley Wargo

We are all free as humans, but we lack the courage to fight the accepted practices, to be different from others, or stand for what we believe in - Β even in the face of death.

We are free, but do we live freely?

Wrap Up

Thanks for reading this week's Brupdates! I almost stopped them this week as I knew it took time and I didn't think I'd have it on the weekends, but I do and I'm glad I can still send it to you :) I hope you have a great week!

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Jason Hogan on Unsplash