Brupdates #14

Monday November,2nd, 2020

Brupdates #14


I start training today! Super pumped and prayers greatly appreciated :) But that doesn't mean everything else just stops. Japanese is going well and I can tell I'm making headway, voting is tomorrow, and I'll be attending Ren Fest next weekend #NeverStopDressingUp

Lots happening and much more to come, so without further ado - Today's Brupdate...

On Site

🎃   Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Month Five Update (3 min)

We're five months in!! And finally the learning is taking off as recall and ability to read is sky-rocketing :) I will be a little slower this final month, but I plan to finish Jalup before the end of the year and see being fluent as something very attainable before the summer...Trip to Japan then?


🎃   Spoopy Season is over :( But the articles are still there! Feel free to check them out with some of my favorites below and a wrap up here.

Off Site

With Spoopy Season closing down, I'll bring back the 3 articles a week next week, but this week is just two stories, history and science :)

A fan of Perry the Platypus? Then you'll love to find out that not only can he lay an egg as a mammal, but also glows in the dark. He really is a secret agent.


When the Post Office was first upgrading to "large" parcels, some parents decided to mail their kid to relatives. Where's that kind of trust today? Letting a stranger carry your kid for miles...

Quote of the Week

"If human beings had genuine courage, they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on Halloween." - Douglas Coupland

Go be fearless and be yourself everyday...not just one day a year 😉

Wrap Up

Hopefully you found something fun and good in here :)

This is officially the last one for Spoopy Season ☹️ so I hope you didn't mind the themed extension, but next week's will be a bit different 👍🏼 Until then,

Thanks for Reading!




Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash