Hey There!

And welcome to this week's Brupdates :) So glad you can join as this is a BIG week. "Why?" you ask? Because I GOT A JOB!! Yay!

This is also the 13th Brupdate, just in time for Halloween 👻 and there's lots going on as next week begins both job training and Month 6 of my Japanese Language Challenge 😱

But we're on this week so let's enjoy this last Spoopy Season Brupdate!

On Site

🎃   Learning Japanese in 6 Months: Week Nineteen Update (3 min)

Was a great week with the new method showing pay-off & I dive into the Job a bit more - Spoiler: it's a sales job for a Catholic publisher...That's all I can say as I don't want to set the bar too high just yet...


🎃   Here are the best of the Spoopy Season Writing Challenge for you to check out:

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Off Site

Keeping this area smaller still, but spookier too

🕸  Weird Science: Animals Keep Evolving Into Crabs (3 min)

As we all shape-shift ourselves this Halloween, let us observe the weirdness of the world in all it's natural shape-shifting glory


🕸  Afraid of Being Murdered? Buy a Smart Device (5 min)

Ah murder, it's to Halloween what breathing in fresh air is to Spring. That said, none of us really want to be so it's a good thing there's a smart device keeping track of our movements and our killers.

Quote of the Week

"Villainy wears many masks, none so dangerous as the mask of virtue." - Ichabod Crane, "Sleepy Hollow"

Wrap Up

Hopefully you found something fun and good in here :) This is the last one for Spoopy Season ☹️ so get out there and have a blast for me 🥳 I'll keep you all posted on how the sales thing goes as well. Until next week,

Thanks for Reading & Happy Halloween 🎃!




Photo by: Lukasz-niescioruk on Unsplash